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I intended on mashing in at 154* to produce an Amber Ale with more body
The temp had fallen to 150* 30 minutes later.
So I added water to raise the temp back up to 155* and let it mash the remainder of the hour.
My question is...
Am I still going to get a wort with less fermentables even though I went 30 minutes with a mash temp between 150* and 154* for half an hour, or does raising the temp mid-mash change the amount of fermentable sugars?
Sorry, this was the best way I could think of to word it.
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Jan 2010
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No way to know for sure until you taste it or until it finishes (FG).

However, you may have made the wort more fermentable and thus have a lower FG. Not much you can do at this point, but I wouldn't worry about it.

You could always sanitize and add carapils/carafoam to add body. I've never done this, but an employee at the LHBS mentioned that he has done this with success.
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I mash in a cooler and often have a variance in temp over the 60-75 min. You could invest in something like this. What I do is watch the temp closely and write down what it's at every 10 minutes. With a remote thermo it becomes quite easy. This way if you want to correct your temps you know when to do so or you can do what I sometimes do and just document it rather than correct because it may make really awesome beer and now I have the notes and times to recreate that beer.

As for what to do now. I dunno, ride it out and see what happens. It'll be beer either way.
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I would advise against that thermometer! Actually I have the weber version but I think they are exactly the same. For one, it only works 20% of the time. It is also about 6 degrees lower than my other quality thermometers. It's made for meat, not accuracy. A decent cooler will keep temperature constant over an hour. To do it on a stove takes a little more attention but I kept 152 for an hour with only a deviation of 1 degree.

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Feb 2010
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Thanks for the replies.
I guess I'll just ride it out.
Either way I'm sure I'll like it.
The previous batch turned out great. Only difference is I switched up a pound of Victory for Special Roast.
Got the recipe from Brewing Classic Styles. I thinks it's a great book. Lot of good info on styles, and keys to brewing each style.
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Mar 2010
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All other things being equal, a mash that went 154 to 150 to 155 will be more fermentable than one that sat at 154 the entire hour. How much more is beyond me ;-) Probably not that much at all.

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