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Bulls Beers
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Default New Years Resolutions...

On the Homebrew side, I'm gonna start to tweak recipes more. Since I've been homebrewing I usually use the recipes here or on other sites. I've been tweaking a recipe on the last couple of runs. I just Tapped it and it is great. The best beer I've made.

On the personal side, I'm gonna try and keep it simple. Get rid of sh it I don't need. Don't buy sh it I don't need( except for brewing)..Everything in my attic...Gone..I started last year by selling a large portion of my guitar collection. I'm just sick of all the stuff I acquired over the last couple of decades.

Oh yeah, Be the best dad and husband I can be. I forgot that one a couple of times this year.

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Let's see...Personally:

1. Visit the friends and family around the country that I continually say I'm going to visit and never do (only a few places)
2. Save as much money as possible (for aforementioned travel and to start padding my savings account)
3. Do one good deed a week for someone else

Beer wise:
1. Start brewing at least once a month (to become a better brewer and cut down on buying commercial beers)
2. Learn as much as I can that way I can help people out on these forums
3. Transition from extract with steeping grains to partial mash

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Beer wise: To get a few all grain batches in. To get my ferm space built out, and get a couple taps setup. I'd like to be brewing around 10g a month..

Life wise, the same as always. To positively affect the lives of those around me, to succeed in the tasks that I take on, to be a good husband, father, son, brother, friend, co-worker, community member, landlord and citizen, and equally important, to enjoy life!
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My resolution is to wait at least a year before I make any promises to myself.
Does that make me an ***hole?

No, that's not what makes you an ***hole.
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Homebrew side: brew beer lol. Have been thinking about maybe going all grain.

Personal side: lose 10 lbs, at least. I've always been told to keep a "roof" over your "head", but now the roof is staring to sag....
"Stop giving me credit for those stupid quotes! For that last time it wasn't me! STFU NOOB!" <-- Benjamin Franklin
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Homebrew side: Get up enough courage to brew a sour ale. Still a wee bit chicken about bringing lacto in contact with my equipment.

Would also like to perfect my small-batch AG process.

Personal side: drop some weight, take a real vacation (not just go home to visit family), move into a different apartment - perhaps move back to Chicago if I can swing it with my job.
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personal side: not kill my mother in law. enjoy the year fully while i not working and while i am going to school.

homebrew side. get into all grain and get my bar set up. drink a ot of good beer....
Originally Posted by CthulhuDreaming View Post
As a parent, hearing nuggets of parenting wisdom from someone who's never had kids is a bit like hearing sex advice from a virgin.
“Fairy tales don't tell children that dragons exist; children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children that dragons can be killed.”
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... not to make any resolutions....
Homer Simpson

"Beer is living proof that God loves us, and wants us to be happy."
(possibly said by) Ben Franklin (maybe)

Originally Posted by arturo7 View Post
Damn, where's my arm?.

"You can pick your nose, and you can pick your friends... but you can't pick your friends nose!"
George Carlin
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1 Create and stick to a realistic household budget and be out of debt (other than mortgage) by mid-year.
2 Create and stick to some sort of periodic clean-up schedule to keep this house from looking like a pit
3 Fit both cars in the garage
4 Make up some scratch beer recipes
5 Start regular exercise and stick with a healthier diet
6 Start Smoking

...wait...scratch that last one.

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