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Dec 2009
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I'd like to start a collection of BIAB and/or No Chill recipes, ones that you have made (especially if made more than once).

I'll start off with a maple porter that I've made at least 4 times in the last year:

Maple Porter (partial grain):

1.5 lbs maris otter
0.5 lbs chocolate malt
0.5 lbs caramel malt (60L)
0.25 lbs black patent
1 cup flaked oats
5.5 lbs amber Dry malt extract
1 oz fuggles @ 40 minutes in hop bag
Yeast: S-33

Primary x 2 weeks
Secondary x 2 weeks (better if 3+ weeks)

6 gallons water
Mash grains in grain bag at 154 F for 40-60 minutes and remove
Bring to boil, shut off flame, add DME
Return to boil, add 1 Oz fuggles 40 minutes before flame out (I use a hop bag)
total boil time 50 min.

remove 1 quart, put in freezer for 30 min to use for starter
Put lid on pot, let cool to 70 F (usually over night)

Aerate and add starter

OG 1.058.

rack to secondary after 2 weeks, Add 1 quart grade b maple syrup (bumps OG up to 1.074) Maple flavor returns with age

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Jun 2010
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I like the concept of the thread, but I want to make sure and post this so people don't get misinformation about BIAB and/or NoChill:

ANY recipe will work with BIAB -- just adjust your mash thickness to account for full volume (Strike+Sparge) water. And with no-chill you can either use ThePol's hopadjust chart or not. A lot of people have great success with it, while many think adjusting is not necessary.

Carry on lads!

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Dec 2009
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I know any recipe should work, but I've had problems at least 3 times with the hops adjustment schedule (ended up with beer too bitter to drink even after 6 months)

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Jun 2009
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Originally Posted by bonsai4tim View Post
I know any recipe should work, but I've had problems at least 3 times with the hops adjustment schedule (ended up with beer too bitter to drink even after 6 months)
Yep..yep...yep. The chart works pretty good, but you have to know your limitations. It's hard enough getting the bitterness right on a IPA where you want big smell, big citrus taste, and just the right amount of bitterness, amiright?

Also, there's more gray area on that chart because your cooling rate may not be my cooling rate on a 'nochill' beer. Heck, my cooling rate isn't even my cooling rate depending on the time of year.

If I'm 'no chilling', I keep it simple. I'll post some of my recipes, but all I do is use recipes I find on the intertubes. I've had good luck with Jamil's recipes. If I see lots of hops additions, high alpha hops like Magnum etc., high flavor hop profile - I skip that recipe. If I'm doing an IPA, I chill it. Even's hard to get the bitterness where I want it. I bottle and that adds two extra weeks on my IPAs compared to brewers that'd think that doesn't make a difference, but from my experience, I can't match kegged aroma hops with bottle beer.

Bitterness is easy with no chill. So is aroma...dry hop works exactly the same. Hop flavor is much harder to control and that flavor can easily turn into bitterness.

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May 2010
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I have a couple at home (not mine) that I have made and would be willing to post them. I actually did BIAB no chill on them.

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Recipe: Raging Red Honey Red Ale
Style: American Amber Ale
TYPE: All Grain

Recipe Specifications
Batch Size: 5.50 gal
Boil Size: 6.30 gal
Estimated OG: 1.058 SG
Estimated Color: 15.6 SRM
Estimated IBU: 26.4 IBU
Brewhouse Efficiency: 75.00 %
Boil Time: 60 Minutes

Amount Item Type % or IBU
8 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) US (2.0 SRM) Grain 69.57 %
1 lbs Caraaroma (130.0 SRM) Grain 8.70 %
1 lbs Melanoiden Malt (20.0 SRM) Grain 8.70 %
8.0 oz Carafoam (2.0 SRM) Grain 4.35 %
1.00 oz Crystal [3.50 %] (60 min) (First Wort HopHops 12.6 IBU
1.00 oz Cascade [5.50 %] (30 min) Hops 13.8 IBU
1 lbs Honey (1.0 SRM) Sugar 8.70 %
1 Pkgs California Ale (White Labs #WLP001) Yeast-Ale

I mashed with 7.5 gallons at 154F for 90 minutes. ended up with an OG of 1.059

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Oct 2010
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This one tastes good to me. I only have a 7.5 gallon brew pot. I started the boil with 6.5 gallons and added the remaining as the volume went down. I need to get a 10 gallon pot I sparge to a 7 gallon bottling bucket.

Honey Ale:
Brew Type: All Grain Date: 12/25/2010
Style: American Blonde Brewer: Doug M
Batch Size: 6.00 gal Assistant Brewer:
Boil Volume: 7.58 gal Boil Time: 60 min
Brewhouse Efficiency: 65.00 % Equipment: My 7.5 Gallon Brew Pot
Actual Efficiency: 65.76 %
Taste Rating (50 possible points): 35.0

Ingredients Amount Item Type % or IBU
8 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) Bel (3.0 SRM) Grain 73.53 %
8.0 oz Cara-Pils/Dextrine (2.0 SRM) Grain 4.60 %
6.1 oz Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L (40.0 SRM) Grain 3.49 %
2.00 oz Fuggles [4.00 %] (60 min) Hops 19.4 IBU
1.00 oz Goldings, East Kent [5.00 %] (30 min) Hops 7.3 IBU
2.00 items Whirlfloc Tablet (Boil 15.0 min) Misc
2 lbs Honey (1.0 SRM) Sugar 18.38 %
1 Pkgs Nottingham (Danstar #-) Yeast-Ale

Beer Profile Estimated Original Gravity: 1.047 SG (1.025-1.056 SG) Measured Original Gravity: 1.047 SG
Estimated Final Gravity: 1.011 SG (1.008-1.016 SG) Measured Final Gravity: 1.012 SG
Estimated Color: 5.7 SRM (3.0-7.0 SRM) Color [Color]
Bitterness: 26.7 IBU (15.0-35.0 IBU) Alpha Acid Units: 13.0 AAU
Estimated Alcohol by Volume: 4.60 % (2.00-5.00 %) Actual Alcohol by Volume: 4.56 %
Actual Calories: 208 cal/pint

Mash Profile Name: Single Infusion, Light Body, No Mash Out Mash Tun Weight: 9.00 lb
Mash Grain Weight: 8.88 lb Mash PH: 5.4 PH
Grain Temperature: 72.0 F Sparge Temperature: 168.0 F
Sparge Water: 6.12 gal Adjust Temp for Equipment: TRUE

Name Description Step Temp Step Time
Mash In Add 11.09 qt of water at 164.9 F 150.0 F 75 min
#1 - 5 Gallons Harp Clone All Grain with Wyeast 2007 Lager (~5.5% ABV)

#1 - 6 Gallons Dry Irish Stout Partial (~4.0 ABV)
#2 - 6 Gallons Brown Sugar Ale All Grain with Nottingham Yeast (~5.0% to 5.2%)

6 Gallons Honey Ale AG

6 Gallons Brown Sugar Lager

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Nov 2009
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I've done this Erdinger style hefeweizen (i.e. malt-accented w/o banana or clove) twice no-chill style back before I had a wort chiller and it was nice & tasty, with a high level of mass appeal:

5# Wheat Malt
4# German Pilsner Malt
.25# Melanoiden

18 IBU worth of your favorite noble hop, I used vanguard and tettnanger on this recipe. Skip the late additions.

Seal it up, let that cool overnight on the back porch, pitch your Kolsch yeast in the morning and ferment in the mid to low 60's.

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