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Originally Posted by HerotBrewer View Post
Was this serious?
Would you like to go to a bar here in the states that served no imports?

Also, keep in mind that Britain encompasses Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. So it is not a contradiction to see an Irish beer in an British pub.

And there are loads of Irish in Britain. Since the Brits in general are, (at least in my experience) more particular about their beer, you get on average better service and the staff know the proper way to pour a pint, no matter what it is.
Yes, it was MOST serious.

Be very careful here-- "Great Britain" does NOT include Northern Ireland; the "United Kingdom" does.

That said, yes, I am fully aware of the availability of Guinness in Britain, and I could make a similar case for an American beer named "Budweiser". The point I was making was that I would not judge a British pub by their ability to serve Guinness. My (precious few) trips to the UK have led me to sample a large variety of British beers, and while I will enjoy a Guinness or two from time to time, I much prefer the British beers.

To each his own, I guess...

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Originally Posted by jpc View Post
Be very careful here-- "Great Britain" does NOT include Northern Ireland; the "United Kingdom" does.
Thanks for the clarification. However, while semantically I was mistaken, I was pointing out the the nation-state includes Northern Ireland and includes many displaced persons of Irish descent. The topic was about favorite pubs, not favorite British beers, and so to my mind, the ability to properly pour a Guinness is not only more involved then pouring a regular ale, but also rarer to find many places here in the States, and as such is a good benchmark for the quality/knowledge of bar staff.

I tried a bunch of Wychwood's beers while I was there, and they were all scrummy.

Originally Posted by johnnyboy1965 View Post
I drink in a lot of the Irish pubs in Birmingham and the true connisieurs (sp) of Guinness really do turn their noses up at cold Guinness.
True. I once had an elderly Irish gentleman named Patrick lecture me on the bus as to how a Guinness should be poured, and at one temp. It was a fun conversation.
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This is the standards we are now reaching in Bimingham..... Last night I went into a Irish pub in Birmingham. The place was empty (one guy in the corner).
"Ill have a Guinness please"
"No... Im afraid the Guinness is off. Ive had to send it back to the brewery. Why the feck do you think do you think the bar is empty?"
"Ill have a Ansells Mild then"
"No problem, Sir"
"How much do I owe you?"
"Thats ones on the house. Im sorry that I couldnt serve you a Guinness, but its not right so I wont serve it"
"How about a free short then"
"No, Feck off you cheeky Brummie b*****d"

Where else in the world do you get service like that?
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