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If you've been in a long term relationship, you have ups and downs. I've had that with Bob, of course.

Bob retired almost a year ago, and at first it was a very hard adjustment. I was working from home, walking my dog each morning, and having my own routine. But gradually, I came to make new routines and Bob fell into his no-longer-working routine.

It seems like over the last 6 months that we've become closer and we're having more fun together. After 10 years together, I think we're falling in crazy love with each other again. Of course, my kids are grown and gone now and we're much more relaxed without having to work!

I'm retiring, so that we can go south for a portion of the winter. I'm brewing often, and we're spending more time together than ever.

Did you ever do that? Look at your partner and get butterflies after all those years? I'm a little scared about some of my life changes, though.
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Nice! I was worried, reading the title of this thread, that things were going in the opposite direction!
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As the SWMBO and I evolved into different phases of our lives (marriage, first child, second child a year later (yikes!!)) I saw her very differently though each phase. First as a wife, and then as a mother. My feelings evolved right along with our lives. Hers did too. We think about our first year together and we couldn't feel more different about each other now.

I am sure you are scared about the changes coming up, but you are lucky that you are with someone that you really care about and they care about you. That makes life's transitions a 1000 times easier, and a lot more fun.

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I thought you were going to say that Bob was considering getting an operation!

Just kidding. My wife sometimes says that she worries about us when the kids are gone, because we have such different hobbies (Well, I have hobbies and she doesn't...) but frankly, I think that not having the kids around all day is going to make things easier for us in our daily routine and give us more time to do stuff together. Retirement will be that that much better if and when it happens.

I think I'm most looking forward to being able to walk around the house naked.

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Jim Karr
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Yoop, to hitchhike on your comments: Karen (the wonderful SWMBO) and I celebrated the 30th anniversary of the night we met just yesterday.

Seems like we're getting crazier about each other, and even the physical part is getting better.

Don't worry about a thing.
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Butterflies? I get some lower intestinal gurgling but a slight lean to my left and it goes away. (Well, not really "away".)

I'm glad to hear that Yoop and hope it is the "norm". I'm married 27 years and have never regretted a minute. Now the wife on the other hand...

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God, you scared me....the first couple of paragraphs thought it was bad news.

Glad I was wrong
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Humm - reminds me of teh stages of sex:

Stage 1 - Dating Sex - your young, just started dating, and madly in love with each other. You have sex every time you see each other.
Stage 2 - Married Sex - just got married, sex everday, sometimes several times a day.
Stage 3 - first house sex - sex in the kitchen, living room, on the new sofa, on the floor.
Stage 4 - pregnancy sex - you get to explore new positions you never thought of, and added bonus - no once-a-month weekend off.
Stage 5 - no time for sex - kids are young and keeping you busy. Barely have time to see each other let alone have sex. You master the quickie and the nooner.
Stage 6 - hallway sex - starting to get older, loosing some interest, you meet in the hallway and say "F**k you!"

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Jan 2010
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Wow, I really thought this was going to be about you arguing with Bob about the glad it wasn't!

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ahhh, well congrats. I am somewhat jaded, nearly three years out of what was going to be a lifetime; difficult even dating as the time it takes to build to the point of forever seems like so much work. Someone once said:

When you are dating, you do everything you can to hide your flaws.
When you are in a relationship, you do everything you can to hide your disappointment.
When you are married, you do everything you can to hide your sins.

I prefer to think of it like this: "We drop out of our mother's womb, crawl across the battlefield under fire, only to fall into our grave."

My cynical, jaded side is pleased that you still get butterflies, Yooper, it gives me hope!
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