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I have been doing a fair amount of beer festivals lately and needed a tap box to serve from. In the past I was simply using a cobra style dispenser and often filling pitchers from the keg. I also wanted to have a bit more class, as I am often serving alongside professional brewers who have nice looking boxes in which to serve. My requirements included at least 4 taps, portable, light weight and something that had my name/ brand on it.

I drew up some dimensions and came up with this Irish Coffin Box, here some pictures of the quick and easy build:

I started with some 3/8" "Birch plywood"

To cover the ugly ends of the plywood, I used some iron-on banding , also made of birch

trimming off the excess with a razor blade:

In the theme of keeping this box light, I used some simple pressure treated frame pieces:

Here's a shot of the corner bracing, glued and nailed for strength:

Then I added some molding to the top collar and footings here:

Pretty plain still , I added from fancier molding to add more depth and character:

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Now for a finish, to set the birch apart from the molding , I first tapped off the surface:

A finish I like is called "french polishing" , which is several layers of 3lb shellac cut with denatured alcohol and using a figure eight pattern, it adds depth and clarity to any natural grain patterns. It's a very old style technique for finishing furniture.

To highlight the wood, I painted the molding black:

I added my brewery name from some cut-out letters obtained at a craft store, these are cheap and time saving:

French Polish by itself isn't really waterproof, but adds a great under-finish, I then coated the whole box with PolyU, spilling beer on this box is a given, the poly adds much protection to the project:

Lastly, I added my four taps and finished the box:

Got to use it this past weekend and it worked very well , light , strong and decent looking.

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Ummmm? Awesome!

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wow man, that is so awesome. Would you care to share the plans? I am building a bar, and want to do something like this for my taps.

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great craftsmanship. Getting ready to construct a coffin myself; I'll use this post as a great resource.
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how about putting a cooler inside so it can act like a jockey box.

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Originally Posted by JewBrew View Post
how about putting a cooler inside so it can act like a jockey box.
Or install some insulation on the inside, then fiberglass over it to essentially make it a cooler. that would be the classiest jockey box ive ever seen.
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Looks very nice!

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