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Originally Posted by ayrton
My apartment has a very small front yard in front of it, and it borders a semi-major state route. I have a car port and driveway along the side of the apartment; is it legal to drink a beer there? I'm in plain sight of everyone, but I'm on my property. Anyone know for sure?

If you want to know for sure, contact your local municipal police department during regular business hours and ask an officer. With out knowing what your local ordinances, I would hesitate to say one way or the other.

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I don't think there'd be a problem if you drink from a cup or a glass. Some folks just don't like to see bottles and cans.
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Originally Posted by david_42
You'll have to check your local laws, as it varies from state to state and town to town. I've seen towns where it would be legal if you were in a condo, but not if it was an identical apartment. Or it would be ok in the yard, but if you stepped onto the sidewalk (which seems to be a frontwalk most places) it would be illegal because that's a public easement.
I bet that law could be challenged as "public" since you technically pay taxes all the way to the middle of the street...
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Bernie Brewer
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In Wisconsin, the rule of thumb is that if you stay off of the sidewalk or the street, you're good. Even if you're in a public park you can drink(if it's not posted) as long as you are on the grass. I know people that got slapped with a public consumption ticket because their toes were on the sidewalk. Ridiculous, isn't it? You're still in plain view, but if you're not on the sidewalk, it's not "public" consumption.
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f em i say drink anywhere you want
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Originally Posted by brewhead
f em i say drink anywhere you want
So do I, until I get a citation.

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I couldn't drink beer in my driveway now, it would be frozen before I finished it, I guess unless I slammed it, but that just wouldn't be proper for a nice homebrew. 1/2 way through winter and spring can't come soon enough.

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Sir Humpsalot
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Interesting stuff. I can't remember what law it was that I read here, but somewhere in the back of my mind, I seem to recall that it's illegal to drink in your front yard, that is, in public sight, in Chicago/Illinois. On the other hand, I wouldn't even blink at fear of the cops enforcing that law under normal circumstances. There's the law, then there's the judge who is going to say to tje officer, "You really honestly decided this was a worthwhile use of your time??!!!"
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Reverend JC
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I would imagine it is alot like the parking lot that i tailgate in for college football games. As long as we put it in a plastic cup, that is not clear, then we are fine. We have even had cops come up to us and ask whats in the cup, "uuhhhhhh apple cider". "Very good, just dont get to loud", he would reply. Kind of an understood rule for us and i would guess it is the same for you.

What kind of a$$ hole would the officer have to be to bust a guy who is not causeing a problem and just enoying a beer on his porch or driveway?
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