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Dec 2010
Brooklyn, NY
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Just started brewing a few months ago (have a great Irish Red bottled now), and I have been on this forum several times to, in all honesty, steal recipes.

I love brewing, and it gives me something to talk about with my father (he's an engineer and I'm a film maker, so sometimes the conversation runs a bit dry). I guess the question I have is, why does anyone brew? It's fun, granted, but it's certainly not cheap. And some of the things I have seen folks do to their homes/family/garages have been pretty drastic. It's damn impressive.

I'd love to know. And if you're in NY, a reminder that the Homebrewer's Guild Christmas Party is this Tuesday.

Happy Holidays, all!

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Dec 2010
Lebanon, TN
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Its cheap for me... when you find your comfort zone, it becomes very practical. I can brew beers for under thirty cents a bottle that are great! I don't have a ton of equipment all over the place. The bulkiest things are the fermentation vessels which everything else fits inside of. I do it for the price break, and for the experience of getting better every time.

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Mar 2010
Dayton Virginia
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i love brewing beer. i would do it everyday if i had the time and the ability to consume it all. i also brew pretty cheap. im an all grain brewer and buy all my base grains in bulk and hops in bulk. this makes quite a big difference in price.

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Captain Damage
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Apr 2008
Lowell, Massachusetts
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Fun pretty much sums it up. Learning is fun for me, and so learning about brewing is fun. Sharing homebrews with my friends - some of whom also brew - is fun. Hobbies in general don't save you money.

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Nov 2010
Fargo, ND
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i love beer. have since i first opened one (no age given). had my beer revolution about 6 years ago moved away from BMC types and into crafts and heavier beers. started learning about what goes into each beer and what makes them good and then a friend invited me over to a brew party and learned so much more. got a basic kit and it was on!! haven't looked back. learning to pick out flavors and scents and then trying to make clones.

SWMBO started getting into it too. she will pick about every other brew and it is always good to have someone be in on your craft.

brew parties are just another excuse to have a sixer of something new.

Takes Beer to Make Beer

Prost (or boobs)

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Dec 2010
Raleigh, NC
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Every time I fire up the burner, hot chicks stop by my garage and oogle at my impressive skills!

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Dec 2008
Yankee Hill, CA
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It's definitely about the fun of brewing, and it's a creative outlet for me. I think what I really like about is that it can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. I'm somewhere in the middle. I love sharing my creations with Friends and Family, then hearing what they have to say about it, good or bad, then trying to improve from that feedback. The whole process never gets boring for me.
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Nov 2010
Lakebay, WA
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It's a very fun hobby for me. Brew days are my time and SWMBO and the offspring leave me alone or hang out and watch me do my thing. Building my single tier 15 gal. AG system was one of the funnest projects I've done in a long time and it didn't break the bank, thanks to DIY on HBT. I rarely have to buy yeast because I wash yeast from the fermenter, thanks to HBT again. I would guess my cost per gallon to be about $3, which is way less than I can buy the good beer that I enjoy.
Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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Sep 2010
Seaside, CA
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I do it because I like to and my wife lets me because she enjoys my beers. I have heard the complaint that it takes time away from the family and that is a very valid concern. My answer was to only brew once a month.

I don't agree that it is cheaper- if you count only the raw ingredients, then yes, they are cheap. However if you add in your brew set up, it is usually getting on the costly side. And if you actually keep track of the time you spend sanitizing, cleaning, brewing, and bottling (or kegging, but the keg set up costs a pretty penny), then your 5 gallon batch of home brew starts creeping up in price. Even if you bill yourself out at 10 bucks an hour, you would have somewhere between $60-80 by the end of the brew. If you brew more than 5 gallon batches, then it becomes a little more cost effective. I don't think we as homebrewers keep track of our time because it is a very fun hobby but we should realize this as a factor. I went to creat a beer for Family and friends to enjoy as a gift for the holidays but scratched the idea because I did not have the time to invest in the project. Maybe next year...

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Apr 2010
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Stealing recipes...shame on you! j/k Recipes are posted up so others can have a base for good brews. I could post an exact recipe and my end product will taste different from yours. It has been said that NOT sharing recipes is a dumb idea because there is very little that is unique and it benefits the community as a whole. *EARMUFFS* 99% of us here will not be going pro and those that do, will be using their recipes that they have perfected...and if by the strangest event ever, it does happen, I would be proud as hell to have my recipe featured in a brewery...

Expenses are a hot debate item. The original equipment investment IMO should NOT be counted in the hobby or cost of a beer because this is a HOBBY. Take hunting or fishing as an example. No one counts up the cost per pound of bluegill and bass buy adding in the cost of the boat (and all the maintenance of), licenses and poles. Wives would FREAK OUT and you would be living in that boat! So why is it done with brewing???

Social status. I was sort the outcast at in-laws holiday gatherings/events. Now, I am talked to extensively about this hobby almost like a wish gone horribly wrong. I am also loved by my craft beer drinking friends...and enjoy slowly converting the BMC drinkers.

Self sustainability. I can make something that has nutritional value. I can make A LOT of it in a short period of time. I am even working on a way to use the spent grain AND hops.

Pride. My top 10 favorite beers are the last 10 I brewed...seriously. Any yahoo wanna-be beer snob can walk in and buy beer. It takes a true raving mad lunatic to brew it! Ye be warned...

Intoxication. I can get lit up on high quality beer, require less of it for way less money. It is better for me and I do not feel like a bag of turds in the AM.

ok I am done for now.

I'm not drunk, I'm from Wisconsin.
We have been out drinking your state since 1848!

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