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Jun 2010
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I got the recipe from here: http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f68/extr...-stout-191351/

It's a Simple Stout by Justibone.

I used Mr. Beer fermenter.

3 lbs of Dark DME
1lbs of Dark Brown Sugar
.5oz of Hallertauer
1 packet (11g) of Nottingham

My LHBS doesn't carry Muntons, which the recipe calls for. He asked what I was brewing and suggested Nottingham.

I warmed up the water, then added 3lbs of DME.
60min - added .25oz Hallertauer
45min - added .25oz Hallertauer
15min - added 1lbs of brown sugar.

Cooled down wort and pitched the yeast.

I wanted a less hoppy taste - that's why I used less hops.

His recipe calls for a 3 gallon batch size. After I put the fermenter, I realized that Mr. Beer is about 2.1 gallons.

With the changes in the hop schedule, the yeast, and using less water... What the heck did I just brew?? (So confuzed... )

Any thoughts would help me not be so confuzzzzed.. i.e. taste, abv, style, etc


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Oct 2010
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Strange that no specialty malts were used. Mr beer states that every 1.3lb (1 can) of liquid malt produces 1.2% alcohol. 1lb of liquid is equal to ~.6lb dry. The pound of sugar should add about the same as the pound of dry per 2 gallon. .5 hallertauer should not make the beer too hoppy at all.

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Nov 2010
Bolton, Manchester
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I've made pretty successful beers with little or no specialty malt, they've tended to be at the opposite end of the hop spectrum though.
I'd call this beer a potentially interesting hybrid. The malt will give some of the flavours of a classic dark ale or stout, the dark sugar hints of a Belgian ale, the hops are conventionally used in a wide range of German beers, and the yeast is a fairly neutral British Ale yeast.

The important thing is how it tastes when finished....

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Jun 2010
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Well, that's the last time I listen to that guy at the LHBS. He's given some other advice that doesn't seem right. I told him that I have 2 Mr. Beer fermenters and asked if I could buy a kit and divide the yeast in half between the two - He said "No" and that I need to buy another yeast packet.

After reading the thread on splitting up the yeast, I feel confident that it can be done as long at the equipment is sanitized.

Originally Posted by richc View Post
....I'd call this beer a potentially interesting hybrid.....

The important thing is how it tastes when finished....
LOL... I'll have to remember that when I crack up the first bottle.

I'm a little bummed because I've looking forward to drinking my own Stout, especially since my wife is Irish..

I'll bottle this batch at the 3 week mark, then attempt another Stout.

That means I'm at the earliest, 2 months out from drinking my own stout..


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Apr 2010
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I started out with MrBeer and had half a can of their Stout Hopped extract left over from way back when. On a whim I mixed up a 0.75 gallon batch with an equal amount of Briess Golden LME. I used part of a Wyeast Irish Ale 1084 I had left from another brew. It tastes surprisingly good.

In fact it was so EASY, I may (notice I said may) pick up some more when this 6er is gone. It took maybe 30 minutes from idea to pitching.
“Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer.” — Stephen Beaumont

No more recipies for me. My beer MUST be mine.

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