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Mar 2010
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If you put 'rocket fuel' into babelfish and convert it to german you get Raketenkraftstoff. So I made some Raketenkraftstoffwein. I don't know if I can fit that on a label.

So I started with the usual apfelwein recipe for 5g batch and let it sit for quite a while after fermentation was complete, at least a month. Stabilized it, waited some more, and then added a couple pounds of sugar to sweeten. Aaaaaand then watched fermentation start off again, and it ran for quite a while before apparently stopping itself again. I let it sit for another month, again, stabilized, again, and then added 4 cans of frozen concentrate instead of sugar to sweeten it. Let it sit for a couple weeks and bottled it tonight.

A quick taste before I sweetened, very thin and very dry with no detectable sweetness. Pretty much what I usually expect from unsweetened apfel, which is why I add a couple tablespoons of sugar to a glass over ice and then enjoy. Total alcohol, no idea but guessing it's up there a ways. Next time I'll see if my car will run on it or not. But from taste the yeast used up the sugar before shutting down. I didn't mark the start date, but I'm guessing around 4 months from the initial mix to bottling.

Anyway, quick taste tonight as I bottled and it was goooooood. Chilled a glass after that and it was GOOOOOOOOOD. No mixing anything just GTG. I've got almost a bottle in the fridge, bottom of the carboy, so I can get the verdict from the wife tomorrow. I've been telling her I had high hopes for this batch and it looks like I was right. I'm almost looking forward to a hangover.

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