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Originally Posted by jusware View Post
Jmass ... did you use a starter? Usually "yeast bite" is from adding too much yeast. Also, I'm a big fan of using a secondary. Chances are pretty good that you didn't ferment long enough, so it continued fermenting in the keg. 10 days in a primary and 7 in a keg sounds too short for my tastes. I usually aim for 7 days in primary and 14 in a secondary followed by 7 days of keg conditioning.
Hi jusware,

This was a while ago. I'm quite sure I used Nottingham dry yeast, so there wasn't any starter. I thought I had read of some other problems with this yeast. Anyway, I eventually used gelatin which settled out the yeast after a while. This may have made more yeast for a while as all the yeast went to the bottom.

Thanks for the advice on the secondary. Advice to self - sometimes cutting corners doesn't work out. I was also trying to hurry this beer up to get to my wife's end of year school party which ended up not taking place.

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Jun 2009
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following this to the recipe but on reading Graham wheelers book, he often suggests using considerably more yeast than the 5gm packs you get from brew shops, so I have made a 24gm SO4 starter 24 hours before I start to brew, whats the opinion on this will I be fine, would hate to end up with yeast bite!

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Ste41, I would not be worried. I used 22 grams of Notty and expect it to do exactly what I want it to.

In the bucket, we'll see how she goes! Cheers and thanks for the recipe

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Originally Posted by kristfin View Post
what water profile should i aim for when brewing this?
london or burton?
I'd balance your water a bit on the bitter side of the CL/SO4 ratio... but not a severe as the Burton profile at all. Tons of Gypsom in Burton which leads to an extreme ratio.

This beer is a staple around here and I've made over 10 batches last year. I have brewed with a .5 ratio of CL/SO4 and the brew is fantastic.

Also, if you search the web there are so many different profiles for london and burton you mine's well just balance your own water on the bitter side...

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Just brewed this one tonight. Everything went perfect.
I'll be kegging it in 2 weeks.
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I finished by AG keg of this a little while ago. This was great. I followed the recipe exactly except the yeast, which I used wyeast 1968. It was super flocculant too. I wish mine was creamier tasting, but that's probably an issue with my carbonation techniques. Thanks for the recipe Orfy!

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Nov 2010
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I'll have to give this one a go, I'm sat almost within line of sight of the original Boddies brewery and can still just about remember when it was a pretty decent beer.

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So I made this is in June and my mom, who never ever drinks anything came to visit recently, tried one, and had to go home with a 6-er. Insanely yummy. Thanks for the recipe!

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I just decided to give this one a go this afternoon.

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Brewed 11g batch today. Thanks Orfy. Subbed Willamette for EKG.
- Andrew

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