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Originally Posted by dummkauf View Post
I'm not sure I'm following you on not starting it that high(it's too late now but I'm curious anyway). Would you normally start with a lower gravity must, start the fermentation and then add more honey/water as needed to get to where you wanted to be in terms of alcohol and sweetness? If so, how do you normally calculate the additions?
Yes, that's exactly what I do. I prefer to keep the gravity down to about 1.100 to start, then once I get to the 1/3 sugar break, that's when I add any further honey and the final nutrients etc as I'm happy that the ferment is progressing well.

I don't bother calculating per se, I make small additions and then test with a hydrometer, but keep a "weather eye" on the increases.

For instance, I know that a starting gravity of 1.100 will give me about 13.5% ABV, and an addition of a further 30 points at the 1/3rd sugar break will give a total initial gravity of 1.130, which if fermented down to 1.000 is a drop of 130 points, which equates to about 17.6% ABV

So you just need to remember the SG, then add the amount added at 1/3rd break to the SG and you've the number for calculation when it's finished to know where the mead has got to.

Just that I use "Bob's table" over at WaH to work the gravity to % ABV conversion, but just remember to take hydrometer readings when making any additions, and keep 'em small, to prevent any ferment problems....
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While I'm new to mead and by no means questioning anyones advice........I have made 3 batches and everyone had a gravity WELL over 1.100..........pitched in EC-118, 2 tsp's nutrient, swirled/degassed every day for the first week and all 3 fermented down to 1.000 and lower.

Again, I'm very new at this but just tossing my experience {so far} into the rink!

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So I was digging the Christmas decoration boxes out of the closet, and stumbled across a few bottles of this I had purposely tucked away to forget about(which worked because I did forget about them). Anyway, this was made on 12/11/2010, almost 2 years ago. I originally wasn't impressed by it, the buckwheat was WAY too overpowering, even at the 1 year mark. However, I am now sitting back and enjoying this one. It took 2 years, but this one mellowed nicely and is possibly one of my favorite meads to date even though it's a tad sweeter than I normally like Though I now only have 3 more 12oz bottles of it left, should've done a 5 gallon batch

The recipe was posted already, but here are the numbers:
SG: 1.155
FG: 1.034
ABV: 16.06

For those of you considering a buckwheat mead, I'd definitely recommend it if you have the patience to give it a couple years of aging!

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