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Default Developing beer names...

So, how do all of you HBT loyals come up with the names for your brews? I've been working on pale ale recipe that hopefully will come out pretty nice, I'm not going to label, but it'd be nice to have some sort of a name for it. Maybe I just need a few more beers or the Hawks to extend their current lead of the Cyclones right now, but man, I'm drawing a blank.

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As you can see below, my creativity is greatly lacking in this area. I figure, they taste great, that's all that matters. If inspiration happens to hit me, I'll throw a nice name up, but I usually don't worry about it.

I did have a co-worker who tried my IPA (having never had one before) and said it tasted like a meadow farted. So I call it "Meadow Fart IPA". Fits with the whole "Broken Wind" thing anyway...

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Default Titles of Brews

Well, I think that the best advice I can give is to name it after something you either have an interest in or knowledge of. I know New Glarus uses animals. They even tell a little story on their labels. Just an idea.
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Well, I did an Australian Ale, and the brew site sent me 1 oz of hops instead of 1.5. So I named it One Legged Joey (like the baby kangaroos) because it's not so hoppy. I know, bad pun.

My mead operation has the overall name Herot Mead, see my username, after the mead house in Beowulf. (The poem, not the film).

Other than that names are assigned as they pop up.
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Pick a theme and stick within that theme. Believe it or not, placing restrictions on yourself actually helps you be more creative, as opposed to having a whole world of possibilities and no clue how to chose. For example, I'm a giant geek. I give all my beers Klngon-themed names. E.g., Bird of Prey; Black Bat'leth; Disruptor; Beer of Honor, etc. So pick a theme, something you're interested in, and name lots of beers within that theme. It's easier than just naming one. If you like cars, say all of your beers this year are going to be named after cars.

If you label your beers, that can help with the naming too. Using a sort of label template, or master design, for a particular theme basically makes your beers into a brand (even if only you and your friends are ever going to see it), and working within that "brand" restricts your choices and narrows your decision field.
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I'm extremely creative with naming my brews. I have a blueberry ale I'm currently brewing and if it comes out anywhere close to what I want I'm going to call it.....

Blueberry Ale.
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I name all of my beers. I'm the bitter/sarcastic type so many of my beers are along those lines. Some are more of inside jokes between the friends I know who will drink it. Some are to do with the brew process or what is happening at the time.

Labor Day Lambic (brewed labor day).
Mary's First Strawberry Blonde (Giggity!) (my gf's name is Mary, she helped me brew)
Floor Hopped Whiskey Porter (we were really drunk and dropped the hops on the floor while brewing).
Old World/New World Cranberry/Banana Wheat (Brewed on Columbus Day, was a wheat kit that I split 50/50 Cranberry/Banana)
Festivus Ale (Christmas Ale I'm about to keg, but I'm not the religious type).
Sodom Stout and Gomorrah Bock (brewed both over a weekend - a weekend spent with my new girlfriend, drunk, eating crap food all weekend).
MSNBC (Maple Syrup Nut Brown Concoction)
Molitov HOPTail (Imperial IPA brewed July 3rd)

I find it both fun and challenging to come up with them.
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I'm pretty new to the hobby, but I'm very interested in music and literature (and movies and some tv series), so I'm planning many brews named after songs/albums/books I like which fit the style or taste of the beer. Or I've also picked the name FIRST, and then tried to imagine what that beer would taste like. So I have some notes of beers I want to make when I have have more experience. Like "Whiskeyjack's Malazan Imperial Stout" (Steven Erikson fans should like this!) or "Dark Star" (a Grateful Dead song) - those are phrases which conjure images in my mind, and then I try to imagine a beer fitting those images... I don't know if that makes sense to anyone else, but it does to me I think maybe I have a kinda artistic approach to brewing

It's also cool to have a brewery name, a logo and a label template you use for every label, with variations. It gives a sense of a brand, even if it's just for you and your friends, as someone else said. I really take pleasure in the esthetic/poetic/humorous aspects of a beer as well as taste & effect

My christmas ale went a little overboard though, being named "Christ! Mmm... Ass Ale!" and on the label there's a picture I found with google of a girl in a skimpy santa outfit with her back towards the camera...

Summary: I'd also suggest pick something you're interested in / passionate about, and go from there! Read what "Captain Damage" wrote, I think he said it quite eloquently!
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I google any special ingredients that i use in the beer and find any cool mythology on it.

"Lumberjack" - googled "maple tree"
"Scarecrow" - googled "wheat fields"
"1776" - recipe based on a George washington molasses small beer
"Genesis" - just picked a word out of the old testament.

Not listed in my sig:
"Queen of Thrace" Almond cream stout, in greek mythology Phyllis the queen of thrace was turned into an almond tree (thanks google)

"Boxer Rebellion Barleywine" - steeped with Jasmine petals and Earl Grey tea (thanks high school history for this one)
"Armored Pegasus" - Extra IPA
"Queen of Thrace" Almond Cream Stout, "Genesis" Ancient Hebrew Smoked Date Beer, "Lumberjack" Maple Dunkelweizen (10% abv), "1776" Molasses Porter, "Scarecrow" American heavily hopped Hefe, "Iron Horse" American Amber
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I'm a big fan/collector of Blues music, so I've been naming my beers after some of my favorite Blues songs or Artists.....
Here are a few:

Red House Ale (Amber Ale)
3 Kings Kolsch (After the 3 Kings of the Blues guitar: Albert, B.B. and Freddie)
Stormy Monday Marzen

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