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Jul 2005
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I used to use a large African basket to store all my equipment, but SWMBO took back her basket and now I am using a 10yr old paper bag and open shelf chaos for the things that don't fit in the bag.

I was thinking about a tackle box to hold my gear and brew day necessities like gypsum, irish moss, yeast nutrient, iodine to test for starch conversion, hoses and hose clamps, hydrometer, thermometer, etc. But, that wouldn't be long enough for racking canes, bottling wand, autosiphon, wine thief, etc.

How do you keep everything you need orderly?

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Oct 2007
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Now that I've got a garage, I store my brew supplies on gorilla racks:

Longer stuff like the siphon, spoon, immersion chiller, etc sit in either the keggle or the mash tun between brewdays. I do all grain and love to stock up, so I've got buckets stacked up full of grain. You can use home depot buckets, but I prefer free ones from my local supermarket bakery.

Smaller stuff that would look like hell on open shelves goes in an old butcher block, similar to this one:

Back when I was in a little townhouse apartment, I used a plastic drawer unit thing like this:

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Nov 2007
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I use two buckets in my process currently all the little stuff liek tubing and canes and spoons and blah blah goes in the 1st bucket. 1st bucket goes inside 2nd bucket. 2nd bucket goes under brewcart. HLT, MLT, BK and chiller go on top of cart.
All this goes in corner of garage.
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When I renovated my kitchen I kept some of the cabinets that were in reasonable shape and reassembled along a wall in the basement. Nowadays you can hardly tell they are there. Brewing kit piled atop, stuff in every drawer/door, grain bins littered abotu with grain mills and kettled. Sheeeesh.

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I use the hall closet for grain storage and the smaller bits that I use for brewing all go into one of those storage bins usually used for holiday decorations. the auto syphon and other items that dont fit in the bin go on the closet shelf. as for the actual brewing equipment, my chiller fits in the turkey fryer pot that I use for heating the mash water, the mash paddle goes in the fryer pot as well, the fryer pot fits in the keggle, the keggle sits on the mash tun cooler and goes in the corner of the garage. The fryer burner goes under the grill along with the propane tank. Everything has a place and is mostly out of sight, and THAT keeps my wife happy!
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Nov 2010
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I use a cheap plastic tool box for airlocks, keg lube, corny parts, hydrometer, etc. basically the small stuff. I have shelving and cabinets for fermenters, buckets, and kegs. I store ingrediants in the sealed buckets. The single tier AG has a parking spot in the garage.
+1 azscoob "Everything has a place and is mostly out of sight, and THAT keeps my wife happy!"

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Rubbermaid totes for chemicals, tools, and misc. I nfact I have one for testing, fermenting, and cleaning/adjusting.

I keep my buckets inside the chest freezer when it's not in use. And my carboys under a work bench either in their box or otherwise covered. Everything has a place, everything in it's place.

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Oct 2010
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bought a sheet of pegboard and some fir strips
mounted it on my wall ,a couple bags of pegs and most of the equipment hangs up out of the way

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Jun 2010
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I live in an apt and my dining room is a wreck due to all of my brewstuff. Looking at getting some cheap shelving with doors.

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I live in a loft and have very little storage. Plus I take my gear out a lot to do brew demos anf group brews. So I needed a way to store all those odd bits that I need in the course of a brew day, PLUS be able to work out of it, and get to everything when I'm brewing in some pretty rudimentry conditions, plus protect stuff from the elements.

I started with an under the bed storage bit, that seals up. I measured my auto siphon and made sure that it is long enough to fit. (Yes it says Revvy's brewing box on it.)

Then I got a bunch of different containers and played with the setup. When I got what I liked I used velcro to connect them to the bin. I can re configure it in any way I want, as long as I make sure the new internal bin has velcro in the center. The little dots work perfectly.

The blue one in the bottom, holding the mash paddle, refractometer, auto siphon, aeration wand and other longish stuff is simply a wall paper tray that had seen better days, so I cut it in half and slid the pieces together until I got the size I wanted and then taped them together.

The box on the left holds my scale, airlocks, a timer, and can hold a bottle of starsan. (There is also a "tasting cup" on a lanyard for group brew days like AHC's teach a friend to brew, where I know there's going to be a TON of beer to sample, and I want to limit my intake, at least while I'm brewing. So I keep my portions small)

The center section is actually two boxes that stack and lock together. In the bottom is a basic "tool" kit...a multi tool, small pliers, flashlight, pair of scissors for openning hop and yeast packets. You know all the little things that you find you wish you had in the field. Even a small first aid kit.

The box above is actually pre-measured test tubes of starsan (I usually don't take a bottle with me in the field, I just pre measure a bunch of tubes, so whether I'm making a gallon or 5 I have enough. There's also the stir bar, and some little metal clips I use to hang one of my glass lab thermometers inside the boil kettle when heating strike water.

The last box is where I stick "ingredients" and stuff in, hops, a baggie of 5-2 buffer, corn sugar, lactose, whatever else I might need.

Also looking back in the main picture, in the space above the blue tray and the box my red oxygen bottle, and hydrometer test jar fits nicely in.

And what you don't see is that on top of everything I keep a pair of silicone gloves to use to lift my boil kettle;

And a couple HBT signs for representing at various events. You can see those in the first two pictures.

When travelling I keep the box closed with a couple of bungy cords.

It's nice because it fits under my bed and in the back seat of my car.
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