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Jan 2010
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My first partigyle beer didn't turn out too well. The first beer was a sweet stout, and I hoped the second running would be a brown. (Instead it tasted like brown carbonated water plus tannins.) Apparently the mistake I made was in fly sparging instead of batch sparging.

So I'm looking for a good recipe for a partigyle beer, perhaps a barleywine/pale/small beer combo. Anyone have any good ones?

Also any suggestions on technique? So far from talking to local brewers I've heard:

Do all mashes with enough water that you draw down only once (i.e. 8 gallons at first, draw off 6, add 6 gallons, draw off 6 for the second beer, add 6 gallons, draw off 6)

Use the same temperature throughout to avoid tannin production (apparently after the first sparge enzyme activity isn't as much of an issue)

Sparge only until SG drops to 1.012 (via a refractometer or similar device)

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The most crucial factor for tannin extraction (from my experience) is pH. Check and adjust the pH of your sparge water. It should be under 5.8. I use about 1/4tsp lactic acid to lower my sparge pH, but your water will vary.

I've boiled wort in decoctions without (noticeable) tannin extraction, so temperature is a secondary concern, after pH. The temp should be under 180* for sure, and maybe under 170* to be safe.
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So far I have done only one PG, but I found the same thing you did. The beer from the second running tasted spent. I plan to either cap the second runnings next time or add some steeped grains.
Nateo is probably onto something with the pH. I have no tannin problems ever when i do pales but often, with beers that are darker, I get what I call the "wrong bitterness". I tested the last batch I did (Cream Ale) and the pH was about 5.0. Next time I do an AG dark beer I plan to check the pH to see if that is my problem.

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