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Originally Posted by Chap View Post
Because it's fresh in my mind (watched it last night) The Expendables with Stallone, Li, Statham, Austin, Arnold, Willis and a couple others... HORRIBLE. Quit acting and just blow **** up!
I just watched this one as well...completely agree

my vote is for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Robot Jocks, and ED...Especially ED...
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Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
go rinse your mind out with soap for even THINKING about tossing a batch of beer.

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Originally Posted by KuntyBrew View Post
Solaris from what i can remember of it, I pass out in the first 15 min every time.
I went to see that with one of my nieces over christmas when it was out. We walked out when it was over and agreed it was a waste of celluloid.
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95% of all Canadian films

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Originally Posted by Scooby_Brew View Post
1. Gigli
2. Independence Day
3. Glitter

There is one really bad movie I enjoy watching anyways: Striptease.
Gigli was bad, but I about fell out of my chair when he called her a Clam Digger

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Sep 2010
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Zardoz isn't even Connery's worst film... That title goes to Extraordinary League of Gentlemen or whatever it was called.

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Battlefield Earth!

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Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell. Brutal. Turned it off when it got to the scene with the alien trapped in alien prison.

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Pure crap.

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Originally Posted by jiggs_casey View Post
I can't say it's the worst, just the worst I've seen in recent history but I remember watching the movie 'TimeRider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann' for the first time when I was 12 or 13 and thinking that it was awesome!

I started to watch it again last week... 27 years after later, it's not so awesome...
You're NOT going to believe it....That was going to be my "worst movie" pick, and I was looking for a poster, since I figured noone would remember it...Then I remembered Metalstorm...

And what was the most repeated line in Timerider? "I thought you were dead...." That was like the joke they drove into the ground.
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my vote is for The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, Robot Jocks, and ED...Especially ED...
First off it's Robot Jox. Second, doesn't that movie have a totally hot naked redhead in it? That boosts the rating by a couple of stars in my book. I might be thinking of a different crappy sci-fi film from around that time, though.

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