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I just ordered a power supply so I can hook up one or two 120mm fans in my keezer and wanted to get some advice on placement. I know the general idea is to try and circulate the cool air at the bottom up to the top but I am not sure of the most efficient way to do that. I think I can easily hook one or both fans to my 2x10 collar but I doubt they could pull air up from that position. I could point them down to blow and move the air but that may not push it enough to reach the taps. I also thought about maybe putting them diagonal to each other to try and really get some circulation but I'd prefer to not waste too much power and energy with this.

So any suggestions or is it just trial and error?

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What kind of fans are they? Computer case fans? If so, save yourself the trouble and cost of a power supply and instead just get a cheap cell phone charger.... cut the end off, wire it to your fan, and away you go.

As for placement, I have a single case fan mounted sideways on the bottom of my keezer so that it draws the air from the bottom and blows it upward... has worked very well.

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It really doesn't matter all that much where you put the fan. As long as it's in there pushing air, it'll even out your temps. I was having foaming issues d/t warm faucets, and had to set up my fan so it is blowing sideways across the back of the shanks to keep 'em cool. I still get even temps throughout with it just blowing sideways in my 8.9cf (before collar) keezer.

+1 on the phone charger. Voltage of the charger doesn't matter as long as it's less than or equal to the fan voltage. Amperage of the charger must be equal to or higher than the fan's amp rating (or the sum of the fan's amp ratings if using multiple). If you put two 500mA fans on a power supply that only puts out 800mA, it'll overheat.

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I just bought a couple cheap ceramic magnets and epoxied them on the side of a computer fan....this way I can just stick it to the sidewall of the keezer in any orientation I want...or move it if I rearrange the if i get clumsy and hit it during keg removal it just falls and wont break off.....

see my thread it has a picture of the fan with magnets....

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