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Mar 2010
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I was in total wine the other day, and noticed several double pale ales, Flying Dogs's comes to mind. My question is what makes a beer a double pale ale instead of a pale ale, IPA, or DIPA?

Edit, changed dogfish head to flying dog

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Nov 2010
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I didn't know DFH made a double pale ale, or anyone for that matter. I guess I need to pay better attention at the liquor store!

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Aug 2007
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Isn't a double pale ale an IPA?

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Mar 2010
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OOPS, sorry I meant to say Flying Dog, not Dogfish Head

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Jun 2009
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Beer Valley in Oregon makes an Imperial Pale Ale called Leafer Madness.

It's 10%, hundreds of IBUs, and comes in a fresh hop variety once a year. Great beer.

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Aug 2009
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I've been thinking about this distinction and I'd say that a double pale/extra pale would be a beer with the same malt character and OG as a pale ale, but with a little extra hopping.

So a typical APA recipe might be around 1.055, 40IBUs, and have 1oz additions at 10min and 0min. An extra pale would have the exact same malt bill, 40-55IBUs, and 1.5-2oz additions at 10min and 0min as well as some dry hopping.

Technically, these probably still fit into the APA category if you were to enter them in a homebrew contest. The thing that pisses me off about contests is I feel like in the APA category you HAVE to brew an extra pale to be noticeable. Otherwise some other bastard's hoppy APA will overshadow yours. This is why I'm turning away from competitions - they make me feel bad about liking my beer!

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Feb 2007
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Double Pale Ale, IPA, IIPA, DIPA. Whatever. Most of my "IPA" recipes are technically IIPA by the numbers, but what self-respecting IIPA has 8% ABV?

Heh heh Leafer Madness. Sin - degradation - vice - insanity!

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Mar 2007
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Originally Posted by kanzimonson View Post
The thing that pisses me off about contests is . . .
My attitude may be different than yours, but my only expectation going into a competition is to get constructive feedback on something that I might miss and to join in on some fun with other homebrewers. Winning would be good for the head, but any score over about 25 tells me that I haven’t missed any obvious flaws. Above 30 and it’s a damn good beer. Above 35 is just as good as a win. Things like where it was scored in the flight and how it was handled play a big roll. Not to mention that I could have a great beer that straddles the guidelines. Competitions are about entertainment and education. Not something worthy of being “pissed off” about. RDWHAHB

Brewers who consistently win in competitions know the system and how to work it to their advantage. That doesn’t mean that their beer is any better tasting than yours is. Just that they know how to brew to style and present a beer that will stand out from the other meeting those guidelines. In you own house, you’re the only judge that matters. BJCP be damned!

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Double and Imperial are marketing words to describe higher alcohol content. IPA refers to India Pale Ale, not Imperial. India Pale Ales are overly hopped Pale Ales originally made to survive the long trip over seas (Hence the name India) due to the natural antiseptic qualities of hops. Now adays they are another beer style and take a pale ale and push it's hop flavor, aroma, and bitterness to an extreme compared to a common pale ale.
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Dec 2009
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From what I remember, the Double Pale Ale is a much more Malt focused beer than a DIPA or an Imperial IPA.

All these terms are really just marketing when it comes to selling commercial beer, since the Style Guidelines... are really just guidelines. My thinking for the choice of wording is to let people realize that it doesn't have the hop intensity of those other hop focused styles.

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