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Apr 2008
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Gotta love Canadian liquor laws. Not sure that a barley wine or trippel would be my first choice for binge drinking. If all you're looking for is to get drunk, there's lots of cheap 12% wine out there.

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They still have us beat by 6%.

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Oct 2010
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And here I was considering moving up north. Between the snow and now this, I'll have to reconsider. :P
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Old 12-02-2010, 03:21 AM   #4
Sep 2010
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this is pretty bad, imho...

I can't see how it can be in the public interest to ban beer of + 12% and allow everclear ...maybe this is step one in that direction...where does it end? Cask strength scotch...? Overprrof rum? Heck if 12% beer is out of the question.....can we have 13% wine!?
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And there is the biggest argument against bureaucracy, it don't make no sense.

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Did they ban liquor too? Of course not.

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Originally Posted by wildwest450 View Post
They still have us beat by 6%.
At the grocery store, sure... but you can get your hands on high gravity stuff at a liquor store. I just picked up a bottle of Boulevard Bourbon Barrel Quad (11.8%) at a liquor store in Nashville.

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May 2010
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When I was up in Waterloo on business, I asked the "liquor control board of so and so" if they had any beer in the 8-10% range as I wanted to kick back after work that night...I thought I had two heads from the look I got...the best I found was a lone dusty bottle of Chimay.

Aside from the lack of bigger beers, with the obscene prices on beer, I wonder how anyone can afford to drink up there (6-pack of miller/coors was $14).

Suffice it to say I was happy to come home .

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Old 12-03-2010, 02:05 AM   #9
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Jul 2010
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Next they will prohibit bars from making frozen daiquiris, Singapore Slings, Stingers, Tequila Sunrise, Harvey Wallbangers, Long Island Iced Tea, and all the other sweet cocktail concoctions that get you hammered before you realize you're hammered.

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Bernie Brewer
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Ahhh, so the nanny-state mentality knows no boundaries.
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