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Last night i dream of a green bell pepper beer. so I'm think about making it. My plan is to do a 5 gallon batch of a normal IPA, and then separate a gallon or so and dry hop in a pepper or two? Any thoughts, suggestions or advice would be wonderful.

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I say go for it! I did just that with a an Amber Ale / Ghost Chili:
I started with 1 ghost chili in a 1/2 gal growler, but after tasting I had to add some more of the amber to dilute the heat. I just boiled the entire pepper for 5-10 minutes to sanitize. Or you could soak in vodka or something as well.

Even after a little while, they were still to hot for me, but I think it was the Ghost Chilis (supposed to be the hottest pepper in the world). I think you'll be good with 1/2 to a whole green pepper!

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Green peppers are sort of mild in flavor, maybe roasting it like a roasted red pepper would bring out the flavor.

Might help to crush it before racking on top too!
Keep us updated!

Heres a pepper ale i did. I used powder though.
cocoa cayenne porter

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I made a chili beer with hatch chilies, which are fairly mild. I used a combination of roasted and fresh to get a good chili flavor.

I would also second roasting the bell pepper, although I think bell pepper is so mild that it might come across as a mute flavor in an IPA and just make it taste muddy. I could be wrong. You should give it a whirl and let us know how it comes out.

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+1 on Shinglejohn's idea to crush. Would add way more flavor than, dicing. I think you should rack on a crushed pepper. I would hit it with some kind of no rinse sanitizer first though because this isn't hops...sanitize the knife/hammer, cutting board, and pepper. Oh, and make sure if it's from the supermarket you get that wax off of it. I think this is a great idea for an IPA. I like the idea of keeping it fresh, because there isn't a fresher smell, taste, texture then a green pepper, and combined with that crisp zest of an IPA...I think you're on to something.

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i've made a chili beer using serrano peppers, which average about 14,000 on the scoville scale for heat. ghost peppers rank about 1 million heat units. ghost pepper wings were on man vs food, if you're familiar with that. he lost the first time, they're so hot, and ate them the second time, but he was sick from the heat. bell peppers rate 0. regular tabasco sauce is about 4,000.
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I was contemplating this on the bus ride this morning and searched to see if anyone was on the same wavelength. My thought is using a grilled red and yellow pepper to impart a touch of smoke, and crushed.

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My Ole' Mole' is a Chilie Chocolate stout using a cayanne 'tea' for some heat, then added in about 5 Ancho's when I racked to the secondary (5 gallon batch). It came out pretty good and there is a definite chilie flavor and the heat hits you've finished drinking it. Its a little much to have more than one or two. The anchos give a nice chilie flavor without imparting too much heat and because they are dried, you don't have a raw vegetable flavor that fresh bell peppers might add.

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Pours a fastidious hazy yellow alter with a thumb ninepenny pedagogue that lasts forever. When the cognition eventually water it leaves any enough bind down.
Perfume is big on vine piny rosin notes, citrus along with some overnice citrus notes. Malts are saccharine caramel g healed with the vine
Sensation is bam lots of sticky conifer sap mingled with citrus peel and orange skin really squeamish hopy notes. Milkshake is give lots of sugar notes, there has to be to break all thee vine. This one seems same a true triple IPA, not a barley intoxicant suchlike most manifold IPA's grow out to be.
Mouthfeel is big line approaching swarming with nice mellow carbonation.
Drinkability is high pleasant tasty if you same hops get this and booze it now. Inebriant is rise unseeable no observance of 10% at all, wishing i had more.
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Just be careful on how much... green bell peppers may not be strong in pepper but are strong in a vegetable flavor. Vegetal is a negative flavor profile in a beer, often caused by DMS, or less common a bacterial infection...

Roasting the green pepper might be a good suggestion for a bell pepper.

Did the Original Poster try this?

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