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Jan 2010
Valley Forge, PA
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Winter is fabulous for me. I set my fermenters in the mudroom and the temp is rock solid at 66-68 degrees. My crawl space (the summer fermenting location) is about 62, and 1056 yeast just loves it in there. Summer is more of a PITA for me.
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Sep 2007
Wasilla Alaska
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Winter is when I do most of my brewing.

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Oct 2008
Americas Hinterland, Wisconsin
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Hell yeah, winter is prime time. The colder the better. Don't use a heating pad.

Yooper gets those warm coastal currents, not like we have down here on the frozen tundra.

You can do this in winter...
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Sep 2010
Dyer,IN, Indiana
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looking forward to doing partial boil extract batches this winter. will place boil kettle in another larger kettle fill it with ice water and place it on my deck. should get me to pitching temperatures quickly

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Aug 2009
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come visit us brewers in the great white north. It's winter hear half the year.

I brewed a batch of all grain in my garage 2 weekends ago. -21*C. Not a lot of fun, but that was the only weekend I could squeeze it in, and I'm running out of beer.

Thankfully I ferment in my basement, and have a fridge I can keep at 18*C for fermenting.

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Oct 2005
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Lager, lager, lager! Schwarzbier, yes!

Doesn't get much below freezing around here, but in the winter the brewery is just right for fermenting lagers and the garage is great for lagering them.
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Sep 2010
Monticello, Tallahassee, FL
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I brew my ass off all winter, (i'm in FL). Winter time is easy to control fermentation temps with out special equipment lol

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Oct 2009
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I quit when the garden hose freezes. Most of my brewing is done in the spring and fall.

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Feb 2010
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I have a small bathroom that is my fermenting room. In the winter, I keep it closed off and put a small electric heater in there. This lil' heater has its own thermostat, and I just let it maintain the temp where I want it.

IMHO, it is much easier to keep a consistent fermenting temp when your brewing space wants to be too cold, because it is easy to apply spot heat. Spot cooling is a lot tougher.

Brew on.

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Sep 2010
Red Deer, Alberta
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It will be my first BIAB brewing this weekend -14 C for high on Saturday, brewing on deck. Chilling wort in snow will be a breeze but keeping temp steady during mash will be a problem I imagine

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