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Jan 2010
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Alright, thanks again for all your help, my kettle was pretty much designed exactly like yours, the pictures really helped!

I have upgraded my fittings and hoses going into the pump to be as close to 1/2" as possible in the hopes it would minimize clogs while maximizing flow.

As for sanitizing the chiller, I am aware of the issue of pumps not wanting to move boiling liquid. My thought was that running non-boiling temperatures above 180deg through the chiller tubing for 5-10mins would kill a majority of the typical culprits, basically like pasturization...

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at the brewery where I work, we sanitize our lines and heat exchanger with 180deg water for 30 minutes...for what that's worth. Sanitizing with heat is a function of temperature and time. I probably wouldn't trust 180 water/wort for only 5-10 minutes.

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I understand people wanting to be sure things are properly sterilized, but heres an exerpt from the fda guidlines for liquid pasteurization:
160 degrees F for at least 6 seconds
165 degrees F for at least 2.8 seconds,
170 degrees F for at least 1.3 seconds,
175 degrees F for at least 0.6 seconds, or
180 degrees F for at least 0.3 seconds

Now, this is the liquid temp...if you have a reasonably clean chiller and lines, getting your equipment to this temp for even a few minutes should be more than enough to kill any bugs. I personally re-rinse my plate chiller and hook my lines up. I fill it will boiling wort and let it hang for the last few minutes of the boil(i only run the pump enough to fill the lines and chiller, then shut off). At flame out, i pump the hot wort through everything for a few minutes prior to starting the cooling water flow. Never once had a problem doing this as long as you keep your chiller clean (backflush, bake when necessary).

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