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Aug 2010
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i have had 3 kegs set up with 13psi for about a month. all 3 kicked within a few days of one another so nothing is pulling from it now. will be filling the 3 kegs up within the next week or week and a half.

with the holidays there should be plenty of action on the kegs and i don't want to run out of co2. seems i heard somewhere that it's kind of "by looking at the gauge it looks like you have plenty one day and the next it's empty."

forgot to mention it's a 5lb cannister.
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5lb full cylinder, no leaks, should do 5 to 8 kegs, carbing at 'normal' volumes, and serving them.
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Really good practice to have a backup CO2 tank, though. If you get a leaky disconnect, you can run out quickly and never notice until you've got the family and friends over and no serving pressure.

The gauge is useless, as long as there is ANY liquid CO2 (five pounds' worth or a quarter-pound), it'll read the same.
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I go through about 20oz per month, mainly due to slow leaks all over the place, but also including carbing and dispensing. I'm not too worried about it, though, as I buy CO2 in bulk (~70lbs for $40)

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Old 11-29-2010, 11:19 PM   #5
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I carbed and dispensed 6 kegs with my 5lb tank at 13 PSI.

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Feb 2010
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I think I have a leak, I only get 4 kegs (quick carbing and serving) out of my 5 lb.

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I'm surprised by these low numbers or the lack of a standard definition as to what is a keg. Are we talking Keg = 31 gallon or 1/2 keg = 15.5 gallon. I can guess that no one is talking about a full keg but are we talking about a corny keg? I have 5 corny's on tap right now. I use Co2 whenever I transfer beer, whenever I clean a keg I purge and fill with Co2. I use Co2 for all kinds of stuff and it lasts a long time. I think that the tank pressure gauge is useful. I find that I can run for at least a week when the gauge enters the "red" so I order my refill and pick it up soon after it "reds"

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Oct 2009
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5-7 was about my average on a 5 lb tank. Now, I prime and naturally carb all of my kegs and really just use gas to push, so it's about double that.

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Old 11-30-2010, 02:13 PM   #9
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I actually found the high-pressure gauge to be surprisingly useful. Of course it does bounce around depending on temperature rather than the fill level of the tank while it is still relatively full, but once the needle started dropping well down into the red, I still got three full kegs carbonated with it (this is with a 5-lb tank and a taprite regulator).

I didn't count how many total kegs i got out of the 10 lbs, but it must have been somewhere around 12-15.

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Oct 2009
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i average 6-8 5 gal kegs on a 5lb tank. If you are shaking kegs at high pressure to carb faster it will use up more.

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