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May 2008
Dunkirk, NY
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I've burnt my fingers on hot kettle handles before but this one takes the cake.

Borrowed a friend's counterflow chiller rig for a 10 gallon batch. There are two valves, one to backflush and the other to engage the water to cool. Asked another friend which valve to open and I opened the wrong one. Near boiling wort and hops right into my face.

First degree burns to my face and a doctor's visit.

What is your worst injury?

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I use secondaries. :p
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Sep 2005
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mine wasn't nearly that bad, but it was also a burn. large brew gathering. i was in the back of the garage (1st person to get rolling). i finished in record time and the garage was like a hive full of worker bees and 5 or so kettles going. I needed to chill my wort, which meant dragging a hose past EVERYBODY'S feet.

So, trying to be "safer", I picked up my kettle and tried to carry it outside. It started swinging and touched my right calf. I jerked it back the other way in pain, and REALLY burned my left calf.

This was about 2 days after I did it. It turned very maroon in color and cracked like hard baked clay.

still have a scar.
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Nov 2009
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Dropping a 6.5 gallon carboy full of water, in the kitchen, without shoes on. Many many scrapes and puncture wounds. The kitchen looked like a shark attack with all the blood and water.

That one deserved a Dr. visit as well.

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Oct 2010
Carlsbad, CA
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Besides the kettle burns, the hangover in the morning from brewing late at night.

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Aug 2010
Woodstock, Georgia
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Decapitated a bottle while capping it and the top inch or so of the bottle fell pointy side into my palm and left a nice puncture wound. Thankfully didn't need stitches as the bone stopped it from doing too much damage.
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Jul 2009
Keller, Texas
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Minor burns from touching the kettle or stove. Minor cuts.

It's a lot harder to injure yourself using a lot of plastic buckets and corneys as fermenters.

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Bernie Brewer
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Feb 2006
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At the last SEWAGE brewday Short Drive asked me to help lift his keggle onto a table. Dumbass that I am I grabbed it at the bottom. This was right after flameout. It is kinda freaky hearing your own fingers sizzle............
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Jan 2008
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My wallet has suffered several severe concusions. The last one put it in a coma for years ago and now my wife is threatening to pull it off life support.

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Dec 2009
Hot & sticky Fla.USA
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5 stitches, 2 xrays = $4800 bill to health ins.
Yes it almost went thur my hand ,bottle bursted while capping.

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Apr 2009
Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, CA
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Originally Posted by Houblon View Post

5 stitches, 2 xrays = $4800 bill to health ins.
Yes it almost went thur my hand ,bottle bursted while capping.

I got a 6 inch burn on my forearm lifting the lid off boiling wort that was in too big of a pot causing immediate steam burns. Hurt like a b*tch.

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