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Old 11-23-2010, 05:32 AM   #21
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"no txtspk 4 me i c u r gr8".


But seriously, I have never been into typing it, even "r", "c", "u" etc.
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You know what, Yoop? I'm with ya on this one.

I'm old and crabby and have spent too many damned years in the tech industry. I was "chatting" on IRC, messaging on Compuserve, when Mark Zuckerberg was still getting stuffed into lockers and wondering what planet girls came from.

I love technology, but it has bred a culture of lazy, apathetic uber dorks who don't seem to grasp the concept that communication still relies on being able to understand one another's language.

The sands of time were eroded by the river of constant change.

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Aug 2009
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Agreed! I can't stand reading that crap. I literally have to slow down and translate broken English into legible English. It takes 3 times longer to read it. It's almost like taking English, and kicking it in the nuts.

After taking 3 technical writing courses, it's all I can do not to take a red pen my laptop. I’m all for a casual forum, but come on!

Here's the rule. If you have access to a full keyboard, use it. You can use text speak only if you're somehow accessing homebrewtalk.com via a t9 phone.


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"no txtspk 4 me i c u r gr8".

Just looking at that makes my brain hurt.
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Dec 2008
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hmm why would you want to use textspeak from a T9 phone, unless......it shows you up for the really bad spelling that you have. I know so many people who say they can't use predictive text and I am convinced it's just because they can't spell properly.

I'm a touch typist and to be honest it's easier to type out the whole words than to work out this new idiot language that as others have already said actually hurts the brain.

My friends and family know not to text me with that crap, cos I shoot back texts asking wtf they are on about.
A few abbreviations are fine, but this idea of dropping vowels from every word is just annoting crap.

no txtspk 4 me i c u r gr8

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Old 11-23-2010, 10:53 AM   #26
Jun 2009
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****, I'm 23 and wont read that garbage. I had a gorgeous classmate that was a model but I refrained from having any sort of relations with her because she always left the H's off of "what" and nonsense like that. After my last relationship failed I regret making the decision to refrain

She also "doesn't like beer" so there's that...
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Old 11-23-2010, 11:26 AM   #27
Mar 2010
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Does this mean the acronym SWMBO is off limits then?

laugh out loud.

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Old 11-23-2010, 11:45 AM   #28
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This could be your new avatar.

That is, if I didn't agree with you. Somehow I manage to write clomplete sentences using my smartphone keyboard. The may be poorly. Spelled and have the odd punctuation in the wrong place. But they still manage to be legible.
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Mar 2010
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"no txtspk 4 me i c u r gr8"

I read a story in the internet (so it must be true ) about how people can get confused about what acronyms mean. There was a story where a woman in her 30's had a friend who lost her father. So she sent her a text message "sorry to hear about your loss LOL" she thought LOL was lots of love
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Originally Posted by airmek View Post
me i c u r gr8
Wait! Why does the eighth grade need to be cured?

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