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Nov 2010
Philly, PA
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So I just put 5 pounds of canned cherries in my secondary. Secondary fermentation started up and all the fruit it now floating on my beer. I have been looking for answers to these questions but couldn't really find any.

1. Should I push my fruit back down into the beer if it is floating? Will floating fruit cause problems to my beer in terms of infections?

2. I read about degassing my secondary to help the fruit? Is this true and if so how should I go about doing it?


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Captain Damage
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Apr 2008
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I think you just need to leave it alone. My only fruit experience was wit blackberries. They floated for a while, but eventually sank. Took maybe two weeks.

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Nov 2010
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If you're making beer, DON'T DE-GAS!!!
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Yeah just let it sit. They will eventually sink or you can rack the finished beer out from underneath.

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Oct 2009
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leave those cherries be! They will sink and leave there essence in your beer
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Originally Posted by str8wire View Post
If you're making beer, DON'T DE-GAS!!!
the OP hasn't stated what he's using for secondary, but if they are using a corny keg then the definitely de-gas. if you don't degas as you go, then you'll have one hell of a time degassing to rack off the cherries later. if you let the pressure build and try to de-gas later it will probably foam through the pressure release valve at first followed by cherry pieces which will eventually be all over you, the walls and everything in a 3' radius. this has happened to me with a batch i added brett and then later added cherries and it refermented like crazy - OG six months ago was 1.108, SG now 1.006. that's a BIG beer

i say de-gas the secondary after you've added fruit and fermentation re-starts. after all, you de-gas with air lock or blow off tube while it's in primary fermentation. what's different??

the fruit will probably float at first. then they'll all start to sink to the bottom. they'll be there for awhile and then for some reason, they start to float again. they do this very slowly over time, most likely from temperature changes in my apt.
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