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Mar 2010
Lexington, KY
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I'm trying to figure out how to finish my gas rail, and I'm having trouble finding needle valves that I can use without having to buy so many adapters. I would like to have 3/8 female flare ends on both ends of the needle valves. Anyone know if this is made? I'm using 3/8 inch flex gas line from the burner and am going to use 1/2 black pipe. I'd like to be able to go straight from the flex line to the needle valve to the black pipe with the least amount of adapters/fittings. I was going to go with adjustable regulators to each burner bu decided to go with needle valves unless you all think I can get enough flame control with gas ball valves. I'm using two bg-14 burners for hlt and bk and one 6 in burner for direct fire mash tun. All help is greatly appreciated.
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Jan 2009
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I can't point you to the needle valves you're looking for, but IMO you should be able to get excellent flame control using only the adjustable regulators (one for each burner). That's the way I would do it. I also think that it works best to buy regulators with the lowest acceptable range. IOW, if you're burner maxes out at 20 psi, get a (0-20 psi) regulator and if it maxes out at 30 psi, get a (0-30) version. The reason is that anything above the max operating pressure for a particular burner is un-usable and the lower range versions will have more "dynamic range" in their adjustment which equates to more precise flame control. IOW again, it won't be as "twitchy" if it's a lower range regulator vs a higher range model. There may be exceptions, but this has been my general experience with the different adjustable regulators.

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Ball valves worked well for me. The only needle valves I've seen from easily accessible sources have used compression fittings.
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ebay's gonna be your friend there. My rig's using solenoid valves for the HLT and MLT, but I wanted a needle valve for the boil kettle. Can't say it's THAT much more adjustable that a ball valve, tho, especially for price (I paid $40 or so for mine, and the ones I found at places like MMC were ludicrously expensive)

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Jun 2010
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I bought these. I haven't installed them yet. Best deal I have seen.
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Jan 2008
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I got a pair of them for my 3-tier stand here:

Haven't used them yet because I'm still building the stand, but I figure they are already matched up to work just fine with the burners I bought from them too.
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Sep 2010
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There's these too:

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+1 on these, 2 bucks cheaper than the previous poster (20%). i have 3 on my christmas list.

Originally Posted by bbognerks View Post

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Apr 2011
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Originally Posted by PDawg View Post
I bought these. I haven't installed them yet. Best deal I have seen.
I bought 2 of these for $40 on eBay, wanted to know how they are working out for you before i install them.

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Feb 2011
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I bought my valves, burners & hoses from these guys for my last rig...

Here's a cheap valve - not flare connections, though...

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