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Originally Posted by buffalobrewer View Post
It's hard to believe London Calling is over 30 years old.
Had this song in my head all day! Sweet!
Originally Posted by passedpawn View Post
I also HATE that attitude that I NEED TO BE MONITORED. Don't Tread on Me MF.
Originally Posted by Bigeb View Post
It's my God-given right to be as stupid as I want to be. How dare the government get in the way.
Go Beer!

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Misifts comp. Legacy of Brutality is one of my top favorite albums.

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59X The Pain
Agnostic Front
Anti Flag
Bad Religion
Blood for Blood
Bombshell Rocks
The Deviates
Dropkick Murphys
New York Dolls
No Use for A Name
Rise Against
The Business
The Stooges
Stiff Little Fingers
Social Distortion
The Living End

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Nov 2009
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Oh sheet...I forgot Earth AD in my top 5, thanks Tx!

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Mar 2010
north jersey
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wow...... others that listen to good stuff!

i grew up listening to NYHC and english punk/oi

still listen to that and much more!

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Nov 2007
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I was really into classic rock right around 1988. It was my first real move into independent musical choices other than what my parents listened to. The previous summer I had been turned on to Zepplin and The Who. The winter of 88' my buddy's older buddy moved back home from virginia. Walked into his room one day and he was playing something I never heard before. Turned out to be Suffer - Bad Religion. My conversion was on. I have a wide and varied range of the music I listen to, but I have never strayed far from what is at my core.

Bad Religion, Misfits, NoFX, Social D., I love me some punk. Not a big fan of what the kids nowadays call punk.

Haven't seen the misfit's ever. Obviously never seen Danzig misfits. My band used to play some misfits, Eagles Dare/horror business/Astro Zombies. I always loved when we played those.

Edit - I just remembered I had heard that Bad Religion recently posted their entire discography online somewhere. Have to find that link. Anyone know where they posted it?
The universe is wider than our views of it.
-Henry David Thoreau

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Oct 2009
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Nice thread. I saw Descendents (first show in ~9 years), The Vandals, Casualties, The Dwarves, Bad Religion, The Bronx, and others in 2 days a couple weeks back here in Austin. It was insane.

I'd been waiting 20 years to see the Descendents. Spent the entire show in the pit.

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Jan 2010
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I saw NOFX open for Bad Religion at Reseda Country Club when they were a 3-piece.

But the real excitement is that the Pogues are coming back for yet another NYC tour on St. Pat's week! Don't know if I'll make this one. I feel guilty about missing though since I haven't missed a single NYC tour since they started doing them again 5 years ago.

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Jul 2009
, Kingsland, GA
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Anyone listen to NoMeansNo? Awesome, dark punk rock. They have a spin-off group, the Hanson Brothers... punk rock and hockey. Also, on the flip side of the Hanson Brothers' "It's a Living" disc, there's a video... Johnny Hanson's guide to all-grain homebrewing. They've got songs such as "We're Brewin'", and other hockey/Ramones classics.
Other than that... I got into punk/hardcore in the late 80s, living in the middle of nowhere, as a high school kid. Grew up around bands such as the Minutemen, Fugazi, Husker Du, etc. I learned guitar to that music. Brewing and punk rock are two of my favorite things.

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Originally Posted by buffalobrewer View Post
It's hard to believe London Calling is over 30 years old.
Originally Posted by Revvy View Post
Yup, those of us were were part of the scene when that was new....

are older than we thought we'd live to be.......

I could not POSSIBLY agree more...to BOTH comments!

Originally Posted by ErieShores View Post
The Continental...what a place....
I remember my cousin taking me there 1990 to see this punk band called the Goo Goo Dolls.
The Goo Goo Dolls? Punk???

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