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Hey all...I posted in the cider forum too, but I realize this was probably a better place for my question:

I have a ~5 gallon batch of cider that has fermented down to a SG of 1.008. If I bottle now without priming sugar in beer bottles, is there any danger of me getting bottle bombs? I was wondering if there was a way to calculate how much pressure would be generated if the 1.008 sg cider fermented out completely (so I could get a worst case scenario). I don't really care how carbonated the cider gets as I think it is good still, but it would be good carbonated too. Thanks!

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totally depends on your recipe and the juice makeup. since alcohol has a SG lower than 1.000, fermentation can go below 1.000 if there is a high amount of sugar to begin with.

Take a SG reading again in a day or two. If it has not changed, go ahead with priming, and feel comfortable bottling.

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You can do what your suggesting, BUT it takes so experimentation, and replication. If this beverage is something you like, and are likley to repeat do the following...

Put some in 3 bottles, and record the dates, and hydrometer readings, and put away to check later in and explosive safe place.

Keep checking the main batch, and bottle as normal when you get to terminal gravity. When you get to terminal gravity open your first stored bottle.

If it worked. Repeat, as a whole batch. The rest will be ok you know because you did it the normal way.

If it DIDNT work... (undercarbed) try again at a slightly higher gravity (overcarbed) try again at a slightly lower gravity. BOTH as 3 bottle experiments.

And...AND...Now you have 2 bottles left to compare to each other...

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Well, I didn't add any sugar and my OG was 1.053. I dont know if I can repeat this batch cause I think that goodness is in the variety of apples in the cider. Otherwise I didn't do much but pitch yeast and add yeast nutrient. The experiment is a good suggestion though!

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