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Sep 2010
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How much would one pay for 750+ corny kegs? Ok, this is a long story. Here it goes. When I was in high school (just 5 years ago) Our thing was to explore abandon buildings. anyway, we went to an old school out in the middle of know where. The school was full of junk and piles and piles of corny kegs, corny kegs up and down the halls on all four floors. At least 700 of them. At the time I didnt know what they were. When I got into this hobby I relized what they were. It turns out the original owner of the building died. One of the neighbors bought the building Because he didnt want to see it torn down. Its a real nice old man that says the "soda cans" are still there. He was very flattered that I would offer him 500 bucks for all of them. I just dont know that much about them other then they are corny kegs. Is it a good investment?

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Nov 2010
Cincinnati, OH
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I would think you'd be able to get at least $15 for one. 700*15= $10,500 - 500 = $10,000 profit....yea, not a bad investment.

But for giving you this advice I get two free ones.

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Sep 2010
Huntley, IL
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That's a great find if you can get them all for $500. Let us know whem you're ready to start selling them. I'm sure you'd have plenty of customers on here.

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Mar 2009
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Yea I would say that would be a great deal, hes getting 500 for useless soda cans and cleaning out his building, and you get to figure out where to put 700 cornies lol! I would do it if 500 makes him happy, its kinda a niche market so i wouldnt say you are ripping him off.
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Oct 2010
pig's eye
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Yeah, put me in your PM list when you start selling

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I wonder if this was the plan of the original owner of the building. Maybe he thought he'd turn a profit but the stress of storing the cornies was too much for him and he died! j/k good luck!
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Aug 2009
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Ya, when you're ready to start selling, you have a customer ready and waiting right here.
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Old 11-21-2010, 02:08 AM   #8
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Dec 2009
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Wow. Nice find! Clean them, make sure they function properly, set up a website, pimp it out and sell them for $30 a piece to the homebrewers...
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That'd be a smokin deal! If you want a hand in trade for some corny's, I have a month off coming up real soon
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Nov 2008
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OP, nice find. I think you'd do well selling them. I believe the rules/fees have changed on this board. You might be better off sending e-mail messages to home brew clubs in your and surrounding states. A few years ago, there was a vendor who sold cornys on this site. I managed to hook him up with a few brew clubs. IIRC, he sold ~150 kegs to those clubs, no problem.

Again, I don't know the vendor prices/policies of this board, but I'd think you'd have no problem selling them to brew clubs in your and surrounding areas.

At the least, buy them for the $500. You'll at the very least recoop your investment. Nice find.
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