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May 2010
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I looked through this forum and didn't find (easily) any comments on the merits of a batch sparge vs. a single one, by which I mean:

1. Batch sparge: Mash normally, mash out, drain out the liquid, add more hot water, stir, drain out, and repeat if necessary a few times if the MLT is small.

2. Single sparge: Mash out normally, add all the hot water needed to make up the total wort volume, drain out.

If I stir well enough and have MLT that is large enough, does a single sparge as described above have any great disadvantages to batch sparge with only two drainings?



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Oct 2010
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My understanding is that during the batch sparge process you are just "rinsing" sugars that are already converted out of the crushed grains, so I don't think it really matters as long you stir the big sparge well.

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Jun 2008
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The way I read it is #2 is batch sparging. Mash, drain, add water, and drain. Doing multiple adds/drains would be double-batch sparge, etc.

There is also a no batch sparge where you just use the first runnings but that's a waste of grain in my opinion.

Sparging, be it fly or batch, is rinsing the converted sugars from the grains. I always stir after adding my sparge water, vorlauf, and drain once. I may go a second time if I miscalculated and didn't end up with the correct amount of preboil wort.
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It's not necessary to do multiple batch sparges, but I usually do.

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Nov 2009
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Here are some differences:

The batch sparge will get you more efficiency from the grain. Not sure how much more but I expect at least 5% more.

What you call single sparge is really like "no sparge". No sparge is not real popular but it's totally acceptable. Like I said you can expect lower efficiency. Most people don't have a big enough MLT to fit all that grain and water in one go. Some say that no sparge produces a higher quality wort.

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Oct 2010
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No sparge definitely lowers your efficiency. I believe from some graph I've seen (maybe someone else can help out here) it is in the neighborhood of 10%. I've done a no sparge before and I wouldn't say it produces a higher quality wort, just a lower gravity one.

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Old 11-19-2010, 12:50 AM   #7
Mar 2010
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Maida7 is right on on the descriptions. You have detailed a batch sparge and a no sparge. Batch sparge is not doing several sparges in a "batch"; it's adding your sparge water at one time in a batch.

I've referenced this website several times today, but that's just because it's great.

For the grist sizes that we're concerned with, you lose about 8% efficiency according to Kai's graphs.

No sparge is definitely easier, and I have considered it in the past, but there is definitely an efficiency hit that you have to take as well.

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Jun 2009
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OK, correct me if I'm wrong:

No-Sparge: mashing without sparging or "rinsing", so your first runnings are all your pre-boil wort. For example, Brew-In-A-Bag. Or, let's say I use 8 gal of water for the mash all at once, so I get 6 gallons out for pre-boil. No sparge = no rinsing grains.

Batch sparge: remove your first runnings, pour sparge water in, stir the hell out of it, let the sparge water (now wort) out. You can batch sparge once, or divide it to 2 or more "step-sparges".

Fly-Sparge = continuous sparge. You add the new water continuously from the top while removing your wort from the bottom.
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Sep 2010
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Correct! In fact, you should add more grains using batch sparge method and even more skipping the sparge to compensate efficiency loss.

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