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I just got done with my first mini-marathon brew session a bit ago. Ran to the LHBS as soon as they were open at 10. Had my first strike water on the gas at 10:40. I brewed another batch of Edworts Haus Pale Ale, bottled a cream stout and washed its yeast during that brew, then brewed a Two Hearted clone. These were my second and third AG batches. Cleanup was done at 8:30 tonight. Both beers are already bubbling away.

I'm tired....

I'm curious, because I guarantee there are people here who have done triple- and quad-batch days. What's the most you've done in a day?

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I'm curious on this too, I am building a 3 tap kegerator and want to have a triple brew day on Sunday since all the beer I have is bottled

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Transferred two batches from 2ndaries to bottles, transferred two batches from primaries to 2ndaries, brewed up two batches and refilled the primaries.

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have brewed a 12 gallon iipa, second runnings 5g apa, and a 5g dry irish stout in another tun same day
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Sadly, the most I've done in a day was clean 4 kegs, transfer two batches to kegs, all while brewing a 10g standard batch, and a 5g higher gravity batch. Which, now that I type it out, sounds like a lot more than I thought. I need days like that more often! I'd be the brew-king!

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i helped my friend who "converted" me do back to back 10g all grain once and we transferred maybe 6 fermenters around at the down times... that was a LONG day!
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my very first brew day ever ever i built a three tier and then brewed 4x10 gallon batches in one day... we finished waaaaay late like 1 am.... we have done that many times since and often add kegging and carboy cleaning in that same day

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I got nothing compaired to all of you. I have brewed two batches at once while in college (two partial boils on an electrict stove at the same time.) Due to my brew schedule trying to keep up with my drink schedule, I typically brew and bottle at the same every two to three weeks. One day, when I am no longer in an appartment brewing on my (my wifes) stove and using the bath tub to clean up everything, I will hopefully have a better "I did this, this and that" story to share.
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A partigyle barlewine/ale combination. A Brochet (15th century burnt mead) a mead made with 50 year old honey and 2 batches of hot pepper mead.

Photos in here, http://www.homebrewtalk.com/f12/help...96/index3.html

Here's everything used on that day..

I've also brewed a stovetop batch and bottled 2 on the same day.
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Brewed two batches and bottled one. I guess that isn't too extreme.

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