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View Poll Results: QD's vs Cams vs Tris
Tri Clover 47 26.40%
Camlocks 97 54.49%
Quick Disconnects 34 19.10%
Voters: 178. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 11-19-2010, 01:11 PM   #41
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Originally Posted by Ohio-Ed View Post
Are camloks universal? IOW, are the ones from ProFlow and BarginFittings interchangeable?

Bargain Fittings is a distributor of the proflow camlocks. They are the same price (now) as from proflow and bargainfittings includes the silicone gaskets in the box with a $5 flat rate ship. I went with him since I needed a couple other things too.

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Originally Posted by SankePankey View Post
Bargain Fittings is a distributor of the proflow camlocks. They are the same price (now) as from proflow and bargainfittings includes the silicone gaskets in the box with a $5 flat rate ship. I went with him since I needed a couple other things too.
Thanks for the response... I ordered a few from Bargain Fittings to get the ball rolling.

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Paranoid runs deep into your life it will take over if you let it.

First I’m not an English major and I have been kicking this ideal around for a long time in my head. Just might not get it correct to paper. So if my wording offends anybody I apologize now. I was thinking back when my two Great uncles brewed beer, the equipment used and the outcome of their efforts. This was in the mid fifties and there equipment was just a canning pot to boil and the kitchen sink was to wash items and rise out bottle’s they had collected from everywhere. No liquid soap, no hydrometer, no disinfecting of any kind. Open top crocks with maybe a cloth towel across the top as I was told the bottles where worth more than the beer since they were hard to come by. Was there beer good, I never was allowed any but everybody said it was or it was just free beer? They used Past’s Blue Ribbon extract and bakers dry or cake yeast and that was it. But I never heard that the beer went bad. A few broken bottles because over primed or bottled too soon and the wort was still working.
In other words no Green eyed Monster jumped out of the back room and ruined their beer. They just used common sense to their brewing. Clean everything with soap and water and go on with the business at hand Brew Beer.
Now I with a shed full of equipment and I go a few extra steps than my great uncles did but I never had a batch of beer where the Green eyed Monster spoiled the batch. I believe in the CS approach on cleaning and do at time get a little to lay back.
Infections can happen and a few blame that when they have a poor process or just forgot to use CS.
Remember don’t carry common sense too far because than it’s not CS but infatuations trying to eliminate a problem that’s not there to start with. I remember a while back of a brewer told me what he did to clean and sanitize his bottles. After bottles soaked in bleach and water mix they where rinsed with hot water. Placed into a container with one step placed on rack to dry and then stacked into the oven and heated I don’t have a clue at what temp. Cooled down and back to one step just before bottling. Common Sense was tied to a stake and shot.
Just use common sense and enjoy the beer and not make it a chain gang of labor.
It’s just Beer
Green eyed Monsters aka Infections
Nothing is jumping out of the closet
Tri's-camlock-quick connects use what you like just use cs with it.

God Bless
Dominus Vobiscum

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Old 08-19-2012, 05:49 PM   #44
Mar 2012
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I have seen several posts saying that you would use cam lock on the hot side and tri clover on the cold side. Does that mean that your plate chiller will have a cam lock on the inlet side and a tri clover on the outlet? It looks like that it would make back flushing the plate chiller difficult.

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Old 02-09-2013, 07:40 PM   #45
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Why would a camclock set up not be sanitary and a QD and/or TriC BE sanitary? I'm looking at going with camlocks but if it's NOT sanitary that makes me a bit nervous.

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Old 02-10-2013, 03:38 AM   #46
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Lots of folks use camlocks without any infection issues.
Nothing special about camlocks that make them less sanitary then
QD or threaded fittings.

TC seem to be the connector to use if you must have a sanitary system.
No nooks for crap to collect in *if* properly configured.
However a complete sanitary system would have to include
the entire environment, not just a few connectors.
Which would be major overkill for homebrew.

I use TC fittings on my brew setup because I like them more than
the alternatives. But my goal is not to be any more sanitary then
camlocks. I just like the many options they provide.

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Old 08-29-2015, 03:06 AM   #47
Aug 2015
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I am wanting to go with disconnects, I went through this thread. Great info as always. What about the Blichmann stainless quick connectors? Has anyone tried these?


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Old 08-29-2015, 03:46 AM   #48
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In the homebrew setting i don't think it makes a huge difference between different kinds of connectors. Hot side doesn't matter. Cold side, probably not. These connections don't hold onto much wort.

The one area where things could go awry is valves. Ball valves are NOT sanitary. Do not let cooled wort pass through an unsanitized ball valve. Those suckers have a huge reservoir for bugs to grow. A few months ago i opened a ball valve i hadn't used in a year and it shot fermented beer all over my face. I recirculate by BK for 15 minutes through my cold side back to the BK before i run out at the end of the boil.
My Electric Brewery

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