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Oct 2010
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How many gallons is the rough maximum I should boil at once on an electric stove. I live in an apartment, so using a propane burner isn't exactly a viable option, but I was hoping to do a full boil this weekend if possible. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Oct 2010
washington, missouri
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If you have a big enough pot, boil it all

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Sep 2010
Queens, NY
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I think it depends on your stove mostly. I've read other people on here getting 8+ gallons to boil on an electric range (perhaps it was gas?).

Toss some water in there before the weekend and test it out.
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Nov 2009
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Yeah depends on the stove and how it's hooked up, if hooked up to 110 it won't work so well, 220 and your're okay. When I used to boil on the stove I could do as much as 4 gallons but it took a while to get up to 212F. Another option is to split your batch into two pots, that'll work as well but is a bit of a pain.

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Jun 2008
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I think my stove is 30A, 220 V and I had 11 gallons at 200 yesterday (after a couple hours of one burner not being fully on) That was my strike and sparge water though (I set it up before I left for a few hours and turned it on low and slow,) soooo I ended up boiling about 8 gallons or so. If you have a big enough pot and can span it across 2 burners you're much better off.
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Jul 2010
Colorado Springs, Colorado
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Yea you can do it, just takes forever.

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Mar 2010
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I can boil ~7.5 gallons in at most 40 minutes (seems more like 30 but it's hard to tell cuz I don't go from tap to boiling right away), though I did purchase a canning element to replace the large coil on my stove (it outputs more heat than the standard element). That was about $20 or so. I place the pot on both the large coil and half the back coil so I can use both.

The key is good insulation. I thought about a jacket or something for the pot but decided that'd be too difficult for me to pull off, plus most of the heat is lost either going out from the sides underneath the pot or into the metal of the stove itself. My cheap strategy is to remove both element, place a 'vertical' layer of foil down into both holes, then place 'horizontal' layers of foil across each one. I put the elements back into place by punching holes in the foil and inserting them like normal, then the pot goes on top and the excess foil gets turned up, basically creating a "bowl" of foil that that pot and coils are sitting inside of.

I just take a couple more large strips of foil and wrap them around the pot maybe with an extra layer across the bottom. This way, sooooo much heat that is normally lost is transferred into your wort instead!

I save as much of the foil as I can and reuse it, but eventually it winds up tearing and I have to use new foil. The foil that goes underneath the coils always gets ruined though.

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Jan 2010
Western MA
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It all depends on your stove. I can roll 7.5 gallons easy - on a slicktop. It's a beast.

Try it with water first - if you can get the water to a vigorous boil, you're good.
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May 2009
Auckland, NZ
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My stove too forever to get 3 gallons up to a boil but that was a * electric one. Id give it a go but if it was me id move house and get a bigger set up

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Jun 2009
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Unfortunately You have to test to know what your stove can handle. Hopefully you won't be like me. I can't boil more than 4 gallons on my stove and to do that I have to straddle 2 burners. I can't wait for this thing to die so I can replace it.
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