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Aug 2009
Springfield, MA
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I saw this product on the internet and laughed. I had to post it for others to enjoy.

Presumably the packets contain some yeast, and they advise "Add a packet of magic to a big bottle of juice." Although "it will turn into an alcoholic delight within 48 hours" sounds a bit ambitious. Probably not going to be a "delight" but it'll get college kids drunk.

Fun gift though.


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Dec 2009
Greenville, South Carolina
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Wow, a hooch kit!

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Nov 2007
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I think we actually had the guy selling this on the forum at one point. Hilarity ensued.

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Oct 2010
Chester, Vermont
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That is to funny. I am a huge Thinkgeek fan and they never stop entertaining me lol.
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Dec 2007
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Oh man. Can you imagine actually drinking that crap right after 48 hours? Nothing like a belly full of fermenting juice and yeast. You'd prolly explode.
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Dec 2007
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Yeah, that and the Grow your own beer garden have already been bashed on here, numerous times. They've been around for awhile..
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Jan 2007
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Hey kids! Make your own "Ass in a bottle"! Amuse your friends! Be the life of the party - get yours TODAY!!

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Dec 2009
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I used to WORK in a jail. Hooch there meant fruit and Kool-Aid in a freshly scrubbed toilet with crumbled up bread tossed in. Every once in a while, they would think to use a clean garbage liner or an empty jug in the kitchen, but no one ever thought to sneak in brewer's yeast or bread yeast from the kitchen.

This stuff comes with an airlock! It can't be that bad!
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I used to place the Tupperware glass of cider in the basement behind the canned foods. Give a couple of days until the top popped off and it was ready! It popped off once while my dad and I were watching the Pistons game. At first I didn't know what it was, but he looked and me and I looked at him and just said, "I guess my cider's done!" He just laughed. (He liked his cider on the porch for a week or so too!)

This stuff must be pretty good, it's got actual yeast in it!

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Old 11-13-2010, 04:46 AM   #10
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Nov 2007
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I've actually tried it while I was waiting for my first batch of Apfelwein to be done.

It really just tastes like carbonated juice and doesnt really get you drunk unless you are a lightweight or spike it with some dextrose.

Apfelwein is tons better

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