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They make bowls that are supposed to help.

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Originally Posted by Beerrific View Post
They make bowls that are supposed to help.
yeah this, or you can rig your own with a full dog food can, or any big object that they will have to eat around.

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Originally Posted by kevabar View Post
How do you slow down a dog from eating fast? Out black lab inhales her food.

My yellow lab was like this. put 2 tennis balls in the bowl with there food. they have to eat around them.if 2 doesnt work try 3. another thing is after they eat do not let them run or play with other dogs for about 30 minutes till the food digests.

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For our Golden and our Irish Setter, both who normally inhales their food, I add water to the dry kibble. That really slows them down (and keeps them hydrated at the same time). The special food bowls do work as well.
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Can we have an update on how the pooch is doing?
Jill Mc

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Glad you caught this! Another way to help dogs learn to chew is to feed them food they HAVE to chew (you can mix it in with kibble), such as chunks of raw beef. Frozen chunks of meat works even better. You can actually buy frozen raw meat patties at a lot of pet stores now as well, which we used as an occasional treat for our pup at dinner time.
Originally Posted by Yooper View Post
I'm a fan of "getting it in the can"!

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my dalmation used to inhale his food. I think he thought someone was going to take it away. Started letting him eat out of the bag instead of the dog bowl and when he saw that he had all of that food he slowed down all by himself.

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Luckily we haven't had an issue with this with our dane, she eats when she wants, slowly. We only have one dog so I'm sure that helps.

Eli, didn't the dogs just pull out the tennis balls...
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Originally Posted by Bedlam View Post
Can we have an update on how the pooch is doing?
He is doing MUCH better, thank you for asking. He spent the entire day after surger (last Wednesday) at the vet so they could keep an eye on him. He went a couple days without eating much, which I guess is expected. He's prolly back to 75% now. Has his appetite mostly back and is moving around a lot more. He's still hesitant with somethings, like jumping up on the couch. He is even playing with our 4 month old pup some now, just no running thru the house and wrestling. Yet.

Something I found out is if you have a female dog, they can tack the stomach when you get them spayed to help prevent bloat. We are already planning to do this with our Malamute pup.
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