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I was going to do a little experiment with my next batch. I want to try racking some of my wort to a 24oz bottle, pitching, and letting it sit for a couple weeks. Then, without racking to a different bottle, I'm just going to add some priming sugar and cap.

I realize that it will have a yeast cake and be full of bits of hop residue and whatnot, but I think I'll just filter it through a fine screen when I finally open it and pour.

The concern is, will it produce any off flavors whilst sitting on the yeast cake for 4 weeks? Filtering out the yeast may not be possible with a screen either.

Has anyone tried this/have any input on the experiment?

I really just want to do it to compare it to the end product of the larger batch.

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1) Filtering through a screen probably won't work that well. Even if it did, straining a carbonated beverage through a fine mesh would agitate the liquid so much that you'd probably lose the bulk of your carbonation and wind up with something fairly flat.

2) Off flavors can be produced by yeast sitting on the trub for extended periods which was one of the reasons why people used to use secondary fermenters consistently. Generally speaking, the off flavors don't start getting produced until after about a month (general estimation), because most people only ferment for two to three weeks on normal gravity beer, that's not too big of a problem, but I bet it would be for you.

I'd say do it because it would be fun, but I predict a cloudy, flat beer (if you strain it), that tastes a little funny.

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