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Oct 2006
Boston, MA
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This thread basically got its inspiration from the thread in the General Techniques section about Brewing in the Morning. Basically, I'm wondering where you guys weigh in on having a beer at 8 am... after working a nightshift. I usually work Tuesdays from 8am-4pm, get some work done/eat dinner, got to band practice, and return to my job by midnight. I then work from midnight until 8am.

Now, when i get home from a long night of hauling boxes around a Godless store and stocking consumer items on the shelves, I like to stumble into my bedroom, have a beer, watch the sun rising in the sky and let my body prepare itself for sleep.

SWMBO, my GF specifically, thinks this is bizarre. She fails to grasp the idea that my biological clock has been modified by the nightshift. She argues that drinking at 8 am is always just that, drinking at 8 am.

We've had this argument several times. Does anyone care to weigh in? Does anyone else work nightshifts and do this as well?
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Nov 2006
b'ham alabama
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I work second shift now but used to work 3rd. I am with you. When you get off work your body thinks it just got off day shift.She wouldn't have a problem with you having a beer at 5pm.It is also a sleep aid,its hard to sleep during the day!!!

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Dec 2006
Northeastern PA
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I work 12 hour night shifts, and it definitely messes with your biological clock. Think about it...for a million years or more we have trained our bodies to sleep at night. My problem is I go from a couple of 12 hr night shifts, have a day or so off, then back to days, off again, back to nights!
My solution for this after night shift...Sam Adams Cherry Wheat. And soon to be the HB of my choice as soon as I build up a stockpile!!
Tell your GF to stay up all night a couple nights in a row...maybe she'll change her tune.
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Feb 2006
San Antonio, Texas
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Back in my Army days when I would have to pull 24hr duty, I would be unable to fall asleep when I got home. I learn a beer would help.
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Jul 2006
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No excuse is necessary. Having a beer in the morning is simply a natural expression of your personal favorite beverage. I've done it occasionally, but I am just the kinda guy that needs something warm (coffee) or sweet (juice) in the morning.

But sometimes an IPA with a lovely citrus-sy hop boquet is just the thing.

You've just finished working, you're about to go to sleep. If she can't cope, she's the one with the issue, not you.

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Jun 2005
Surprise, AZ.
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Over 80% of my last 27 years have been spent on the Night Shift. I've received the same rediculous looks and remarks to my enjoying a brew after work.

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Old 01-25-2007, 02:05 PM   #7
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Jan 2005
Clebland, OH
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i have a pint or so in the morning on the weekends. it's my favorite time to drink a beer, it's quiet, everyones still asleep in my house and it can really be savored. plus it helps set the course for the day.
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Sep 2005
N.E. Iowa
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We have some local bars that open early for third shift workers, nothing like a bunch of drunk cops and nurses in the early AM.
Life is to short and the liver can only handle so much, so why waste it on bad beer.

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Mar 2006
Columbus OH
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Having a glass of Apfelwein right now!

At the end of working a 12 hr nightshift 7pm-7am, I get a small coffee at work for the drive home. Then, if SWMBO is up I'll stay up with her for an hour or 2. If she is sleeping or has gone to work, I'll have a beer to go to sleep on.

Also, drinking a warm flay beer is a great way to help your hangover!
Every little thing is gonna be alright.

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Reverend JC
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Jun 2006
Your Mom's
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No problems with it here. When you wake up around 3 or 4 in the afternoon do you have one then? Cuz, i have no problem with that either.
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