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Aug 2010
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I just recently bought a PM kit which I'm debating whether or not to mash in my 10 gallon cylinder cooler MLT. The kit has only 4 pounds of actual grain to be mashed. Not sure if a 10 gallon MLT is too big. Some say yes, some say no.

Well anyway, according to Beer Smith my first step is to boil up 6.2 gallons of water in my kettle. Should I fashion some sort of measuring dipstick so I know when I've arrived in the vicinity of 6.2 gallons in my kettle before bringing to a boil?

Following that, I'm to mash with 5 quarts of water at 170.5 degrees and hold it at a temp of 158 degrees for 45 minutes.

Then it tells me to sparge with 2.09 gallons the first time and 2.86 gallons the 2nd time, both at 168 degrees.

What's the easiest way to measure something like this out of a boiling hot brew kettle?

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I have a sight glass installed on my HLT. I marked it in half gallon increments. So when I pump my mash water into my mash tun I just watch the water level. When it hits my desired amount I shut off the pump then re-fill it to heat my sparge water. Same deal for pumping my sparge water. on my BK I marked the outside with a sharpie in 1 gallon increments. I also used a pipe cutter to score the handle of my SS mash paddle in gallon increments.
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Nov 2009
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I use a stainless steel ruler to measure my water in HLT and also post and preboil. In my system 1 inch = 1 gallon.

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I use one gallon apple juice jugs (from an old batch of Apfelwein) that I have marked with a sharpie at the 1, 2 and 3 quart points. Knowing that 1 quart is 0.25 gallons, I just guestimate the rest. FWIW, I would check the box that tells BeerSmith to sparge in equal volume batches.


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It takes a little longer to measure out my water but I use a pyrex quart measuring cup with ounce markings on the side.

For your example of 2.09 gallons.....2.09 X 4(quarts per gallon) = 8.36 quarts
8.36 quarts = 8 quarts + 11 ounces.

I know you probably know this, but you wanted to know how we did our measurements.

I also have a sight glass on my brewpot which is a must in my book.

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The dipstick is a good idea. I do this to measure my kettle volume. I made it out of a wood dowel.

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I use Homer buckets, marked on the side in half-gallon increments with a permanent marker. Works fine for me.

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Mar 2010
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At the beginning of brew day, I don't measure. I just fill up my pot about 80% full and start heating all that. I would rather have more hot water than not enough.

When I mash I measure out the water in a gallon pitcher and dump into the mash tun. When I'm boiling, I made a dipstick out of the mash paddle that I use to stir by scratching it up with a knife.

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Originally Posted by erock2112 View Post
I use Homer buckets, marked on the side in half-gallon increments with a permanent marker. Works fine for me.
I basically do the same thing, but with a TrueBrew bucket and I fill it via the ball valve on my HTL. I know the markings on the side aren't exact, but they are close enough for me. Since I use the same bucket for all my water volumes I keep consistency in my process which helps me hit my gravities.


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Sight glassed HLT and additive/deductive reasonaing.

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