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I think there are state level rules on this--but you can charge fees for ATM, but not for using credit cards. You can have a minimum charge though ($10 or $20) and that's OK with the CC companies.

My LHBS doesn't even want to talk to customers on the phone and they won't take orders on the phone either. They'd rather you come down and wait for an hour in line...and they hate taking credit cards...You hand them the card, they ask if you have cash.

So, I buy from online and plan ahead....problem solved.

I manage client relationships for a living and this is what we call in the biz 'customer confrontational'...when the policies of the business serve the business, to the detriment of their customers.

Whenever a business puts me in between them and their vendor, I take my business elsewhere. At least you have choices, I recommend you use them.
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If the guy runs a good shop and is generally a good guy, is this the hill you want to die on?
IMO it should be: If the guy is generally a good customer, is this the hill the shop owner wants to die on?

Forrest has the right answer imo. His post also illustrates why my Credit Union-issued VISA Check Card cannot be used as 'Debit' a lot of the time (like at the grocery). They just want the bigger fee.
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Originally Posted by sacrifice View Post
I don't have an issue with small stores charging extra for low dollar credit card purchases. On the other hand, I have a policy of asking for discounts if I pay for cash for large purchases. It is interesting that many stores will accept, or make a counter offer. I usually ask for 3%. If they say no, I use a credit card.
---I like it, what a great idea.

Id look at the silver lining.. you still have 3 more options of where to shop.

at least you dont live in a place where you have to continue to patronize that guy's shop because

option 2: confront the guy.. let him know that this is not an appropriate way to conduct business. Maybe he is just ignorant?? ask him if $.40 is worth losing a customer?

either way, Id agree with what appears to be the consensus.. "life is too short to waste time with bad customer service."
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It's comfort foam. :D
Originally Posted by EdWort View Post
It's a gentle recipe, so your first time will be enjoyable and memorable. :D

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Thanks for all the replies. If he was my only guy I would probably suck it up and just bring cash... but hes not. I will frequent the other 3 establishments.

BTW, the DME worked great.. haha.

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Originally Posted by HexKrak View Post
Nah. He needs to make a policy ($0.75 charge on anything under $10 or w/e) and stick to it or expect customers to get frustrated and leave.
against most merchant agreements.
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If you are under $10 or so and hand me a debit card, its getting run as a credit whether you like it or not. It doesn't matter to the card holder how its run and its nice to control the bloodletting from time to time.

Originally Posted by GillandCo View Post
The Customer is always right. F that...not your fault.
NOT true. By a country mile.

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