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You probably shouldn't watch this. They have the same condition as fainting goats, combine it with gunshots, and instant hilarity ensues.

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If this is what genetics research has brought us, then I'm ALL FOR IT!

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Sep 2010
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I'm laughing aloud. Thanks for sharing this.

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I thought tonight was going to be boring. Now, not so much.

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Feb 2010
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Blocked at work. But where can I send my cat to be shot at?
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[QUOTE=where can I send my cat to be shot at?[/QUOTE]


That kitten looks like it could be a bengal, though. My last cat was a bengal (part asian leopard) and they are great. My current cat is such a prick though. He's a lazy fatass who will eat the piece of meat right off your fork if you don't push him away. He doesn't even wait until your head is turned. It's like having a friend who's constantly grabbing for your wallet.
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Jul 2010
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I am losing my Shyte over here laughing out loud. That was awesome.

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This is friggen awesome!!!

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Aug 2010
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Sad condition/situation but hilarious none the less.

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I hate cats, so thanks for posting that!
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