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Just tying up some loose ends befor I start my 10 gal AG system and wanted to learn a little about oxy injection systems. Anyone use these and how do you like it ? What is the setup and how much did it cost you to do it? I am tired of slightly sweet beers and shaking the s--t out of my carboy, let alone 2 of em. Please any info would be appreciated. Cheers

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Just bought the one that Williams Brewing sells, haven't used it yet. $36 plus shipping. Includes the regular, the hose, and a big stainless steel stone on the end of a stainless steel rod. Nicest system I could find at the best price. Hooks up to the $8 disposable bottles of O2 you can buy at the Depot.

Haven't tried it yet, but I haven't heard a bad thing about it. Apparently, the wort needs about a minute and a half, maybe two minutes of the bubbles just barely coming to the surface, so the bottle ought to last at least 15 batches. Presumably, a bit more for ten gallons.
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I have the same product as the_bird, just got it after new years, so I've only done one batch with it. Like he said, it hooks up to the disposable bottles of O2, they cost about $8 each. Don't crank the gas at 100%, more like 50%, and I found it helped to slowly move the stone around in a big circle around my fermentation bucket. I probably aerated for a minute and a half, from what I read that was longer than necessary, but I was getting a feel for it as it was the first time I used it. I pitched the yeast from a 1 gal starter into a 5.5 gallon batch, which I also had added a bit of yeast nutrient. The starter started pretty quickly, and 36 hours later, it was done. I was using danstar nottingham, and my batch was about 68 degrees, and it was fermenting as if it were about 5 degrees warmer (experience from past brews). I'm glad I bought it, should come in handy for the lagers as well.

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Sounds like the same issue I'm having... the slightly sweet beer thing. Many folks have had informative things to say on the oxygenation thread below/ above...

I've called all over town (a very small town, mind you) today and I can't find a source of those "disposable" bottles that the Williams system requires.... can those things be shipped in the mail?


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I've suggested it before but check out estate sales for medical grade tanks/regs.
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