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So I made a Saison at the end of the summer and after transferring the beer to secondary I decided to dump 5 gallons of fresh cider from a local orchard on top of the yeast cake/hops to see what happens.

It's about 1-2 months later and I just transferred the cider to another carboy.

The OG was about 1.060, FG is exactly 1.000, wicked dry. The other thing is it has a really tart/sour taste going on. Maybe sour isn't the best way to describe it so much as incredibly tart.

There's a lot of weird flavors going on that I'm really not into it, not enough apple aroma/taste (probably because it fermented so dry). What I did is add another gallon of fresh cider to the fermented cider after transferring it.

Will this add some more apple flavor to my cider? Will it help it taste less dry, or are the yeast going to go to work again and I'll end up with more of the same cider? How would you rescue this one?


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I'm kinda new to cider but from every thing I read.......you gotta be patient and let cider age to be good. Personally I'd stick it back in the corner til the end of next summer. When you get it back out if it still tastes tart you can backsweeten with apple concentrate or sugar. I've read many times that the apple flavor comes back after aging.

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No surprise that the gravity is at 1.000 - many will go even lower. Unlike beer, all the sugars in apple juice/cider are fermentable, so the yeast, left to their own devices, will ferment them all, leaving you with no residuals and a very dry cider.

And like roadymi said, you should also plan on aging the cider before it is ready to drink - like a year or so.
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yep... That's what happens when it runs completely dry....

Letting it sit a while will help it mellow out.... It will get a much "Smoother" and mellower taste as it ages -- it usually takes a few months....

But.. If you don't like the flavor of totally dry cider (And many don't...)... you will need to stabilize and back sweeten it...


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Jan 2010
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I had a mixed berry drink that turned out very tart. With age it mellowed.
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