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Subscribed. This thread strikes me as someone saying:

"Experiment: Driving with my eyes closed, because the only bad thing that can happen is I could crash and kill myself or someone else or just damage my car. So, I am going to prove this wrong by only driving 15 meters straight with my eyes closed so I can say I proved everyone wrong that you really can drive with your eyes closed."

Not trying to be negative, just wanted to express that I am entertained and want to see your results - good on ya for doing something new, honestly.

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so what happened?

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Sorry for the delay guys, spent the last 2 months dealing with a dying dog.

This beer turned out great! A buddy that just came back from London not too long ago almost drained half the keg himself.

Its a little heavy, not sure if its from mash temps, or maybe proteins left in the beer... but the last is great. I will post pics as soon as I can. I will call this a success. I mean, hell its been a couple of months and it there is no sign of contamination. Plus a right tasty beer.
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Last weekend I did something similar though not entirely on purpose. I had planned to make a Berliner Weise but didn't entirely understand the reason for no boil (now I understand it is to preserve the lacto that naturally exists on the grain and keeping the lautered mash below 170F is an important part of the process). So I made a 10 gallon batch of wheat I sparged normally and collected 11.5 gallons added 1 oz of first wort hops (Cascade). I then brought the wort to 195F and held for 15 minutes. Then ran 4.5 gallons through my counterflow and boiled the rest with regular hop additions for a traditional American wheat. So now I have 2 brews 1 is pasteurized at 195 but not boiled and the other is a full hour boil. I added Whirlflock to the 1 hour boil brew. The biggest difference in the two worts is the boiled is considerably clearer and a bit darker. It will be interesting to note the other differences of the finished products. I will add a post in a few weeks. Final note I planned to use a WL630 Berliner Weise yeast in the no boil but my starter never took off so I substituted with a WL510 Bastogne yeast the other boiled version was pitched with a WL029 Kolsch. I'm going to split the no boil and pitch lacto in half to go with the original Berliner Weise theme and leave the other half with no bugs just to complete the no boil experiment. I may need to add some additional hop bitterness to this one per the above suggestions depending on the taste.

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Old 11-27-2014, 10:05 AM   #85
Nov 2014
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Having read this whole thread (google directed me here) I am curious as to whether the OP or anyone else made further ground on no boil techniques and what their results were?

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Old 11-04-2015, 04:06 PM   #86
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Originally Posted by mi5 View Post
Having read this whole thread (google directed me here) I am curious as to whether the OP or anyone else made further ground on no boil techniques and what their results were?
I am in the same boat. This is a mad breakthrough thread. After thinking about how the picobrew doesn't boil the wort, I was considering creating a RIMS setup that didn't boil but only brought the temp high enough to isomerize the hop oils.
This however is making me wonder if I even have to do that. Now I am thinking there may be many ways to skin the cat with the hop problem:
1. Add hop extract for bitterness.
2. Do a no chill, and let the residual heat slowly isomerize the hops.
3. Make a super concentrated hop tea and add that.

In fact I am even wondering if I would have to add any hops at all until after fermentation is complete. This thread is inspiring complete heresy.

The co2 DMS scrubbing is brilliant if it works. DMS is pretty volatile even at temperatures lower than boiling, so this may not even be necessary.

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Old 12-19-2016, 07:29 AM   #87
Dec 2016
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So I read all the posts and threads here on no boil beer and decided to do an experiment on my own.
I created a simple 4 liter pale ale recipe.
500g munich malt
500g Vienna malt
7g magnum first wort hop
10g mosaic at flameout
100g us 05 slurry from a previous batch

At 70% efficiency the predicted OG was 1.053
So my process was like this. I mashed in at 65C and after 30min pulled off half of thick mash decoction style, and boiled it for 30min adding hops. When the boil was complete it was added back to the mash, strained, chilled to 19C and yeast was pitched.
I was done in a little more than 1.5 hours including clean-up.
Now the interesting part. I let it ferment in two jars for 7 days and then bottled it (yesterday). I was a bit worried about the attenuation considering that I boiled half of the mash grains for 30min, but at bottling I checked FG and it was 0.998 instead of the predicted 1.012!!
I tasted a sample and it was ok as far as I could tell from a green, flat beer. At least there were no major off flavours. But I have never seen a beer attenuate that much. Can anybody enlighten me what's going on here?
P.S. I didn't check for original gravity, but assumed it being the usual as my setup didn't change...

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