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Dec 2009
Algonquin, IL
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I set out to do my first AG and SMaSH this coming weekend, and after a lot of planning in my head I set out to get some VIenna malt and cascade hops, only to find out they didnt have enough Vienna for the recipe I wanted. So I did some quick research and found a recipe that I believe to have been (similar to) the following:

10 lb. Maris Otter
1 oz Cascade 60 min
1 oz Cascade 20 min
1 oz Cascade 5 min
US-05 Yeast

Im curious if that looks like a decent recipe?
What temp do I mash at(I think i saw 151F)?
I plan on doing this on Sat or Sun, how do I store the crushed grains until then?
I have a 7.5 gal pot, what size paint strainer bags do I need, and whats the best strategy for doing a BIAB (or similar) mash/sparge?

Thanks in advance for any info, I feel like the actual brewing part is easy, I just stress over the details when it comes to setup

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Jan 2009
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the recipe looks good, but I'd raise the mash temp a bit. At 151 you'll end up with a very dry beer with not much malt flavor. Try 154 or 155, that should result in a better balance in the finished product.
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The recipe looks good, nice and basic. I absolutely agree with upping the mash temp. You're going to need a 5 gallon paint strainer bag, as far as I know that's the biggest they come in. Try to stir the grains around in the bag to make sure everything gets equally wet.
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Feb 2010
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I made a similar recipe Saturday with MO and palisade. Good recipe. You may want to consider a 90 min mash or at the very least check conversion at 45 and 60. MO is sometimes slow to complete mashing.
I store crushed grains in the fermentation freezer part, other wise a simple Home-r-Depot bucket with lid will be fine until you are ready this weekend
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I just brewed a similar recipe on Sunday -- I FWH the 60min addition and other additions were 1oz @ 45 min and 1 oz @5 Min.
My mash was significantly lower than I was going for. I planned for a 60min mash @ 151 but ended up mashing for 75min @ 149. OG measured 1.048.

I think I'm going to dry hop with an oz or so of cascades as well. We'll see how it comes out, hoping its not waaay too dry. All in all it was a very laid back/simple brew day, I'm sure yours will be the same!
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Oct 2009
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I did an MO/Cascade a few months ago. I would also suggest upping your mash temp. This will help bring out the MO more. I didn't dry hop but wish I did. I used homegrown hops for my late addition and it is definitly lacking in aroma and flavor. But everything else looks good.
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Old and OK is good enuff
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Mar 2010
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I did a MO/Cascade Smash a few months ago. Mine was good but I think I over-hopped mine. 1 oz ea at 60 min, 30 min, 15 min, 0 min and a dry hop. I also used US-04. I mashed at 153F for an hour with two batch sparges. Turned out good though. Yours will too I'm sure.
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Originally Posted by Bentpirate View Post
I made a similar recipe Saturday with MO and palisade. Good recipe.
I loves me my palisades pale ale!

On topic: The cascade recipe from the OP looks good, but I would move the 20 min to 10 and then the 5 mins to a dry hop. But thats me. good luck!
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Dec 2009
Algonquin, IL
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Update: Well I just took the first of three hydro readings yesterday to see if fermentation has ended, it was at 1.010 (down from 1.049 pre-ferment). I drank the sample to see how it was and I was very happy for a few reasons. First, no more "twang" that I was getting from extract kits. Second, it actually tasted GOOD. To be a bit more critical, it tasted a tad dry (although Im not sure what this recipe is supposed to taste like). Whoever said to dry hop was spot on; I think that would have helped the overall quality of this, but Im not complaining about it at all.

I mashed around 155 like everyone suggested although my temp kept dropping so I had to keep reheating, so im sure the temp fluctuations didnt help, and that is something I need to work on in the future. Im very excited to get this bottled, carbed, and chilled (and most importantly, SERVED!). I have a feeling this batch is gonna be gone faster than the two I brewed back in Jan/Feb that are still only half-gone.

Thanks for all the help everyone!

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