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Mar 2008
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I am scoring a free server rack tomorrow. I want to convert it to a brew stand. Just wondering if anyone has done this before and has any pics. I searched and did not turn up much. A few references, but no pics. I think the materials are strong enough. Thinking I will lay it down, add some casters, add some beams for the keggles and a way to hold the burners.

Thoughts. I will add some pics tomorrow.
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Sep 2009
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While you are taking pictures, take some measurements of the structural components of the rack. How thick is the steel?

Also, what kind of weight does this thing normally support? How many servers, and how heavy are the servers?

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Jun 2005
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I have 4 and use them for brew closets. I never thought of using one for a brew frame. Subscribed.
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Feb 2010
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You going to water or air cool it?
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Aug 2010
Douglassville, PA
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Liked 21 Times on 16 Posts just might work. Of course it would take some modding to mount the burners etc. btu I'd love to see the finished product.
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A server rack will definitely support the weight (IT guy here) but are we talking about a 2-post or 4-post rack? A 2-post will definitely get tipsy unless you turn it on its side like you mentioned. Since you're talking about just tipping it and putting on some casters I assume that its a 4-post, which should work just fine.
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Jan 2010
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I've got (2) for post racks, with 3 of these in each one

Fully loaded, that's 1350 pounds. I think you'll be fine
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May 2009
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Server racks are built to be upright when loaded. You can probably make it work if you tip it sideways but will most likely need to add some reinforcement.
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Nov 2008
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Server racks are generally pretty tough. I've got 7 in my office, and they hold 42U. Each U could potentially be a 30 pound server.

What would be kickass would be to get a crappy old server and just put your burner on top of that, with sliding rails and everything

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Jul 2010
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Have a coworker who took a rack home to modify for brewing. He cut a hole in the top where the fan/exhaust holes were and mounted a burner. Then below that he has a small shelf on rails that holds his cooler MLT and at the bottom he has another burner mounted for his BK. He then pumps the wort to his ferminator so he never has to life anything. Pretty slick set up I hope to mimick when I go AG. Weight shouldn't be an issue, storage arrays weigh a TON!

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