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Oct 2010
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Hello all, I have been lurking for a bit. I think I have it all straight now, just one more bit of advice.

1. Added 5 gallons of unpasterized, raw apple juice from a local orchard. The juice is bold, sweet and delicous.

2. Added 5 cups of brown sugar, Edit: The lagers yeast was added after the sugar was mixed in.

3. Placed in basement with air lock.

4. Wring my hands and wait.

So, I want sweet cider.

I have gathered that I siphon it off into a new sterile container and add a mixture made from 5 cups boiling water, 4 and 1/4 cups of borwn sugar to the strained stuff.

Bottle this, let it sit, and do the boiling pot pasterize trick.

Let sit for a week or so more, enjoy.

At what point do I back sweeten it? Is it possible to have back sweetened cider and fizzy cider?

I have a big deep freezer I can stick the stuff in to cold crash it.

Can i chill it to stop the process, add extra sugar, more than the recipe calls for to make fizz, say an extra cup of brown sugar, to sweeten it, while its chilled, and then get it back to room temp to get the fizz going?

Any help is appreciated guys.

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Read the stickied topic and the top of this thread called 'Easy Stove-top Pasteurising With Pics', it will answer most of your questions. As for having it sweet, take constant hydro readings and once it gets to around 1.010, I would use your mixture then bottle. When your carbonation level suits you (test one after a bit) use the method outlined in that topic! This is what I do, and I have never had a bottle bomb.

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