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This sounds like an interesting idea, not the safest using a pressure cooker for a steam source, but better suited to the flash boiler setup I use or one of the low pressure clothes steamers. Recirculate cleaner through bottles on tree, drain, and rinse with water, then apply superheated steam at atmospheric pressure to sterilize. Solution and water can be heated by injecting steam into moving liquid without the noise associated with injection into static liquid.

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Why not use:

Seems easier and quicker, plus its SWMBO approved.

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Dually noted, Mr. McAllen

Honestly, this is just a little side idea that has been bobbling around in my head as an alternative to using no-rinse cleaners. I'm busy proselytizing (sp?) a new brewer who is incredibly (and I mean incredibly) skeptical of no-rinse chemical solutions. So, I thought steam might be a nice way to ease his concerns. Who knows...

Anyway, thanks again! Can't thank the HBT community enough for the input!

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what about a shark steamer? Im going to try it and ill keep you guys posted on my success or lack there of.

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Holy dead thread. I thought i would bring this one back to life. I was steam cleaning my oven (my wife bought a canister steamer) and getting ready to bottle at the same time. I know a guy that only uses steam to sanitize his HB equipment and i wondered if i could make a bottle tree that i could hook the bottom of the steamer to and direct the steam up and through multiple bottles at once. Do you think it takes the full 10 minutes to sanitize like it does when boiling water?

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What about the steam wand on an espresso machine? I am brewing a Belgian triple and was thinking that would be a simple way of sanitizing the bottles.

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I wonder what a commercial brewery does to clean their bottles?
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Steam cleaning is all well and good. Problem is steam is invisible, what most people perceive as steam is water vapor from cooled steam. If you can fit everything in the 1/8" of steam between the water surface and the cooled vapor you can get something done.. but good luck with that.

Steam pipes at power plants and such are incredibly dangerous.. if you hear a leak.. STAY WHERE YOU ARE. You're safe right there.. Move and you could die as that high pressure steam will cut you quite nicely. And by the time it cools its to spread out to become visible water vapor.
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Originally Posted by fartingdog View Post
Steam sanitizing (for 15 min- as in an autoclave) is as effective as it gets! actually, at that time- you are the point of sterilizing.
Originally Posted by BillyBroas View Post
That's how an autoclave works, which some brewers use to sanitize. A steam powered bottle tree? Sounds more like a rocket launcher
To be clear, an autoclave uses pressure to get the temps much higher than just boiling water. Simply boiling water to create steam is not sterilizing.

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Dangerous and overkill. What's wrong with StarSan or Iodophor? Simple, cheap, fast safe. Using steam is a solution looking for a problem.
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