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Jul 2006
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You know how once in a while you'll get stuck with a skunked beer, sixer, etc.? The last time it happened to me, I ended up throwing out the remaining five beers of the sixer-- . I later thought that I should have just tried to return or exchange it.

Has anyone ever done this? Do the employees understand and accept it, or do they generally tell you to piss off?

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Jun 2006
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I have only had one sixer that was really, really bad. And no, I don't have the well, gonads, required to return it. I also have not thrown them away. I have no idea why- the beer is HORRID. I'm afriad that the people at the store will look at me like I'm whacked? Maybe it's supposed to be that way?

Anybody want beerswap for a very sour tasting blonde ale from Black River Falls, WI?

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Oct 2004
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In the state of Wisconsin it is illegal to return and alcoholic beverage.
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Feb 2006
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I got a really bad beer from the liquor store awhile back. It was a micro brew in a bomber that was flat and tasted like card board. I chocked it up to the brewer and just dumped it.

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Will work for beer
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Jan 2005
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I did just last week as a matter of fact. I got a really funky tasting 4-pack of 90 minute, and I took it right back. The a-hole manager at Total Wine actually had the nerve to ask me what I wanted him to do with it. When I told him he needed to rotate fresh beer into his store--he said it wasn't his problem. I said okay then, told him I'd never step foot back into his store, walked out and then called the regional manager. I made the regional manager call the store manager to apologize to me, and I also had a refund on my card in less than 10 minutes.

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Aug 2006
Traverse City, MI
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I've had it happen twice, actually. Both times, oddly enough, they were for *gasp* Heiny's. The one was for a friend and he didn't care so we just pitched it. The latest time I promptly took it back, had them refund me and vowed never to buy Heineken ever again.

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Old 01-22-2007, 06:35 AM   #7
Oct 2005
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Originally Posted by desiderata

Has anyone ever done this? Do the employees understand and accept it, or do they generally tell you to piss off?
I don't buy many beers anymore, usually just somthing *new* to try before I brew it. The store I buy from carries hundreds for beers from all over the world as well as homebrew supplies.

If the beer was, in fact, bad I'm sure the owner would understand and return the remainder. Hell, he'd most likely pour one right there and try it himself just to see.

Many moons ago,in my early 20's, my buddies and I bought a keg for an under-aged freind's birthday party and attempted to tap it in the back of my truck as we motored down the road. Lots of foam ensued. We returned the keg, complained of lost beer, got a new keg and 6 pack for our losses; which we drank on the way. Yeah, 1995 was a good year...
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Nov 2006
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Originally Posted by sause
In the state of Wisconsin it is illegal to return and alcoholic beverage.

Are you serious???

I don't understand their reasoning on this.

I was so very close to returning a 6 of Hoeegarden the other day. Slight cardboard, but I was already home with it and it was just at the point of being noticeable. That all being said, I don't think I am going to stand for it anymore. Suppliers need to realize the nature of the market these days. As more folks become educated on beer and beer storage (I think in general a larger percent of people may know more about beer today than they did say a decade ago) they hopefully will begin to respond more readily to market demands. I can't think of a better way of causing a supplier to respond than "Fix this problem or I am going elsewhere". Hey even if there is no "Elsewhere" we should be willing to live with resolve.
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For the love of beer!
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Sep 2005
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In pubs yes. If it's just pour I'll just not return, no loss.
If it's my local I let them know so they can rectify.
I can't say I've had bad beer in a bottle.

If I'm in a pub and it's bad I want a refund or an alternate. I actually had **** for brains idiots telling me that that's normal and I don't know good beer from bad. At times like that they are lucky I don't drag them across the bar. I'm not in the bad mood I'll probably educate them a little before getting the money. If I'm in a bad mood well just lets say I always get my money back.
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Jan 2006
Racine, WI
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I once got a Corona in a bar that had stuff floating in it, it looked like it had pulp, it was like a freakin' snowglobe!
I was actually hesitant to return it to the waitress(if Milwaukeeans have been to Angelo's piano bar they may understand why), but I did.

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