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Oct 2010
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Possible? Impossible? I know it is *technically* illegal, but are lots of things

I want to know if anyone has tried, had any success, any repercussions, etc.

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Its illegal to mail beer through the US Postal Service (USPS).

Fedex and UPS are not government agencies, so although it is agains their policy, its not illegal to ship beer through them. Just don't tell them you are mailing beer.

I personally like Fedex better. IMO, UPS gets too nosy and have even gone as far to open my boxes to see what is inside. I just take a sealed box to Fedex, they weigh it, I pay and am out the door. I sometimes tell them I'm mailing picture frames to make sure they "handle with care". Just make sure you wrap them really well in bubble wrap, and give lots of padding around the bottom, sides and top. I've mailed a LOT of beer this way for a multitude of swaps and Secret Santa exchanges. I'd also hesitate to mail more than 6 12 oz bottles in one package. Beer in bottles are pretty heavy, which gets expensive really fast!

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Also, don't use the Fedex account you have at work to mail beer. My old manager got fired for doing that. I don't remember how Fedex figured it out. I'm pretty sure it's still illegal to ship beer via any service, but Fedex is probably less likely to make a case out of it than the USPS.
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It just depends on your location. The UPS by my office rang up the shipping before I could even finish filling out the invoice.

When I got to the section where you list contents, the guy helping me said, "Don't worry about that section. We don't really care."

It was a little anti-climatic. I had myself prepped to expect the 5th degree and... nothing. It couldn't have been easier.

Just make sure to pack them like eggs. I used tons of bubble wrap, tape, double bagged each bottle, bagged the entire lot in a construction grade garbage bag and taped again. Probably took my friend hours to unwrap.

If a bottle were to break, I imagine that's when the questioning would start. I don't think the carries would appreciate my IPAs and Stouts leaking all over the other packages.
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I shop via UPS all the time. We have pickup at work. I don't put down what it is, and they don't ask. I get some VERY thick carboard tubes that our shrink wrap comes on and I roll the bottles up in a UPS padded envelope and shove them into the tube. I can fit 2 beers in each tube. Then tape the ends and it's good to go. I make labels myself and just pay back the company when I'm done. It's usually like $5.50 or so to mail a few states away.

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Apr 2009
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Anyone done this internationally? I'm visiting family in Scotland in a few months and rather than carry the stuff I was planning on shipping it ahead (home brew and some commercial). Customs obviously will want to know what's in the box...

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